Saturday, March 26, 2016

Peru2016 - Day 10: Compassion Visit, dinner with Pepe and Erin, Video of Market place Drama and return home. .

Day 10.  
We awoke at 7:30 am to Teya's voice.  : )
Today will be our visit to see Keysi and Fernando and family and the Compassion sight.  

Here's Teya playing with Playdoh
Always wanting attention from someone.  : ) 

Teya enjoying watching the pictures that I will be putting up on the blog eventually.   

Cool and foggy this morning.  
Not so when we went further inland.  

A good Peruvian Breakfast of bread and eggs and sausage, prepared by Pepe. 
We have it every time we are here.  
Katrina didn't want to be in the picture.  : )  

 Time for Teya to go to the park. 
She goes once a day, sometimes twice, to get out of the apartment.  

Our van and driver. 
The same one who drove Peter and us back from the Evening seminars.
And our translator Natalia, who will have been our translator for the 3rd time for Compassion.  

Pepe took the front seat to help our driver get to the Compassion site.

Traffic was bad again. 
Gets worse and worse every year.   

Nice new overhang bridge. 
At least I think it's new.  : )  

More mountainous here.   

A classic taxi on the inside.   

 We have arrived at the Compassion sight.  

The front gate. 

We met Keysi and Fernando and family. 
Names to match people coming in another picture.  

Natalia gave us a tour of the Compassion site. 
We are in the main office looking at the records of Keysi and Fernando.  

Left = Keysi. She is now 16 years old and finished high school. She is going to be starting a nursing program soon and eventually, if possible, wants to become a doctor. 
I'm glad to see she is motivated in her studies. 

Next is her mom, named Liliana.  She is holding her 1 year old daughter, named Ivana.  

Next is Anna, who has her Birthday today.  Turned 13 today, but is not sponsored as only two per family can be.   

Finally Fernando, who is 9 years old.  My mom sponsors him at the moment.  Missing from the family picture are:
Carlos the father
Cynthia = oldest Daughter 23
Giancarlo = son 21
Saul = 6 years old
Fabricio = Grandson (son to Cynthia) 3 years old
Total family size
Mom and dad and 7 children and 1 grandchild = 10 under one roof.  

The kitchen where healthy meals are prepared for the children.  Meals made with love for sure.  

The oldest class room where the 16 - 18 year olds hang out. 
Compassion has changed their system. 
It used to be that at 16, Keysi's age, they would graduate out of the program and start college.  Sponsors would have the option of sponsoring their college, but that costs thousands of dollars a year, and only the best of the best get to do this. 
They have scrapped that program in favour of allowing young people 16 - 18 to stay in the Compassion program, go to school and have compassion help with tuition and books, and we continue to pay our monthly sponsor fee till she hits 18.  
I am much more in favour of this approach than the other, and was concerned about Keysi's schooling, but this will be much better for her, and many other children as it levels the playing field for everyone.   

More of the senior class room.  

A book that all children go through that talks about health, taking care of your body, Christianity and getting ready for college education.  

Each child has his/her own toothbrush to ensure better hygiene.  Keysi has good teeth, which is not always the case with children in Peru.  

Pepe is talking with Keysi's mom and daughter.  
He loves kids.   

This is Keysi's classroom.   

Her desk where she does her homework and learns life skills.   

We got to see some of that work.   

Pepe just hangs out with the other kids.   

Off to Fernando's class room.  This is where he sits.  
He wasn't too talkative again this time around. : )  

His cupboard with toothbrush and cup.  

On the right is a volunteer who helps in the centre.  

This wall contains the information that the children learn each day, reinforcing it for them. 

And the kindergarten kids wanted to see us real bad, so we dropped in there as well.  They were cute to be sure.   

 And having a fruit snack. 
Yummy for them....wouldn't be good for us to eat though.  : ) 

The last time we visited, Keysi still had that girlish look, but in the past two years she has grown and is now a wonderful woman of God.  

More of the office with all the records.  

Lots of organization. 
The lady on the left is the Compassion site manager. 
A wonderful woman.  

The family with the Compassion manager.   

We had some parting words to say to her, and she was very appreciative.  And she was so appreciative of us coming. 
Apparently, for this site, we are the only sponsor family that has come to visit. Keysi told me that she was happy, felt blessed, and was proud that we have been doing this for the past 5 times we have been to Peru.   

Good bye.   

A picture with the volunteers.  They are wonderful people.   

Each Compassion site is tied to a church.  
This is the church sanctuary. 

They are going to be celebrating 40 years of being a church over Easter and were doing some light renovations to get ready for it.  The compassion site has been around here for 35 years.  

And this is one of the Pastors of this church. 
Another Sergio who works right along side those working to get things ready.  
It was a pleasure to meet him.  

Time to head off to Keysi and Fernando's home.  

And we are there.   

Had to wait for the house key which for some reason, was in another home across the street.   

Their home....simple and hasn't changed much in two years.    

Joycegina and Katrina exploring.  

Mom and dad are proud of their children. 
A wall dedicated to graduations at different stages. 
Nice to see, and to know that they know that education is very important for their children. 

Fernando's graduation picture.  

Mom has a small store that sells little items. 
Many people do that here.  Her husband works in construction sporadically.   

We found out that Keysi has a job now. 
From 6 am to 11 am, Monday to Friday,  she works in a market for a farmer selling produce. She also gets to take some home which helps the family. 
She earns 15 soles a day, which is about $5 USD.
Good for her.  She gives a portion of the funds to the family and saves a bit for herself so she can buy some cloths and see a local movie once in a while. 

Not much to this home.  Very thin fiberglass wall here, and the roof we paid for about 4 years ago is still there, which is good to see.  
A very rough and dirty concrete floor as well.   

We brought some small gifts this time.  


 For the girls

and the boys.  

School supplies to share.   

A cutie 

We gave Fernando a picture Bible.  

And Keysi a Spanish/English Bible.  
She really liked it and is looking forward to trying to learn some English. 

We also gave a Bible to the Parents, though I did notice they had one on a shelf as well.  : ) 

If you remember from two years ago, Keysi asked if she could have a piece of Sarah's hair. 
I asked her if she still had it, and she did.  : ) 
Yeah, I know for some of you that's gross, but hey, you aren't Keysi.  

So I asked her if she would return the favour and give us a piece of her long black hair.  Just as thick as Sarah's is.  

And she complied.  : ) 

As we were meeting in the home, this little guy showed up. 
He's the son of Cynthia, Fabricio, who was not home at the time.  He just showed up, which may explain why the key was at the neigbours home in case we weren't back in time.  

Pepe going through the Bible with Fernando. 
Pepe thought we should have gotten him a star wars action figure.  Figures...such a male. : )  
Maybe for his bday. : ) 

A view from outside the home.  

Time for a family picture with all of us.  

A view from the opposite side, just outside their house.  

We piled into the van to go to the restaurant. 

We tried to avoid this white car to the right. 
In doing so, the driver actually fell off the concrete road section (which had a 6 inch drop) landing his front suspension on to the road.  
We were stuck, and not sure if there was any damage. 
We unloaded the van to lighten the load and ended up placing large rocks under the front tire and he drove the van back on to the road.  No damage that we could see. Whew.  Thank the Lord. 

Off to the mall.  

Ana, we just discovered at this time that it was her bday today.

Arrived at the mall.  

They decided on an old classic. 
Pardo's Chicken. 
We gave them the choice of Pizza Hut or Pardo's.  : ) 
Some things are just the way it is.  

We had to wait in line for a table though.  

As we were waiting I discovered that Fernando wanted to become a photographer.  
So I give him the camera and asked Pepe to walk him through how it worked.  The next set of pictures are all ones he took. 

Getting Tired.   Poor guy.  

Looks like Fernando is a natural.  : ) 

Seated finally.  

We pre-ordered to speed things up. 

Pepe was kind enough to take pictures.  

Keysi looks like her mom.  

They enjoyed the food a great deal.  : )
Taking home any leftovers of course. 

Brother and sister.  

We purchased lemonade and a grape drink made out of corn. I forget the name, but I don't like it.  : ) 

In honour of Ana's Bday.  

She was quite happy.  

She received a balloon and crown.  

And candle with her cake.  

And the staff sang her a Peruvian happy bday song.  

Ana just drank it all in. 

We sang her the Canadian Happy Bday song as well.  

Eventually lunch ended and we had to say good-bye. 
It was an enjoyable visit.
We received a notice in the mail, while in Peru, that we were celebrating our 10th year in sponsoring Keysi.  Seeing how she has grown and received a good education, been cared for in her health, and been taught the scriptures and goes to church and youth group, makes us feel this is all worth it.  
Without sponsorship we don't know what Keysi's life would be like, nor Fernando's. 
A residual benefit is that Keysi shares what she learns with her brothers and sisters who aren't sponsored, and if there is a health care need, the family is taken care of by the Compassion site.  And we also found out that Fabricio was just sponsored by a family in the U.S. because he is not a son of the parents.  That was encouraging as well.    

A kiss good-bye.  

As we departed, I shared some words of encouragement with Keysi.  Reminding her that we remember her in our prayers, that we hope she will study hard and do well in her nursing (she understands the importance of getting a good education to get ahead in her life), and that it has been a joy to watch her grow up.  She was thankful, and appreciative of our coming to see her every time we were in Peru, yet sad to see us go.  
We will stay in touch via letter for now.  

Time to say fare well Ana.

And Fernando.  
And also Natalia.  
Thanks for translating for us again.  
It has been good to have the same translator each time as Natalia has the history of this family and the questions come easier and the conversation is more comfortable.

Some have asked me how we reconcile our visiting with Keysi and Fernando, now that we have taken on a role of building relationships with our Peruvian friends in Gamaliel church. 
Well, to that I say that way back when we first sponsored Keysi, and eventually Fernando, we purposely wanted to sponsor a child in Peru, because we knew we would be able to visit him/her.  We hoped it would be multiple times as well.  We liked Compassions idea of being able to write and build a relationship with a child, and then solidify that relationship with a visit.  We liked that Peruvians were the ones running things in Peru, and that a local Peruvian church was attached to each Compassion site.  
So in many ways, what we are doing in Gamaliel church, we are also doing for Keysi and Fernando.  We learn from them, we grow with them, and we get to know them, without them being dependent on us for things.  We do give the odd gift now and then, but nothing elaborate.  
We are thankful that we have had the opportunity to watch Keysi and Fernando grow up, and have education opportunities and seeing the fruits of that. 
We are also glad that Compassion saw fit to have us use the same translator each time.  It has helped with continuity too. 
We do not know if we will see them again, but we know them, and love them and for that we are grateful.  

And then we were off, back to Erin and Pepe's. 
We got out of the van before arriving at their apartment so we could get some Inca Cola for us, and some Peruvian beer for Christopher. 
Walked by the Canadian Embassy on the way home. Interesting memories of that place. : )

We then, finally, gave some gifts to Pepe and Erin.  

More tea. 

Pure Maple Syrup.   


and chocolate chips for cooking.  
All necessities when one visits from Canada/U.S.  : ) 

And of course, we got something for Teya. 

She looked hesitant at first.
But eventually opened the box.  

And what did she find? 

A cute little doggie.  

She took to it right away. 
Even slept with it that night.  

Katrina read a short story to Joycegina.  Chicka Chicka Boom Boom (? Spelling)

Pepe spending quality daddy time with Teya. 

Since our flight didn't leave until 2:15 am, we had one more evening out with Pepe and Erin. 
They took us to a nice Chinese restaurant. 
For those of you who LOVE my food pictures : )  Enjoy.  !! 
For those of you who don't....enjoy anyway.  : ) 
I had a passion fruit juice. Delicious.  

As we waited for the food, Erin asked Katrina a bunch of questions about what she had learned and liked about the Learning Opportunity. 
Katrina is wise beyond her years at times. : )  

We had the four seasons of Duck for our dinner that night.  
We started with a kind of tortilla that you could put sauce in, and duck skin and a kind of dry noodle.  Wasn't bad. : )  

Then we had this lettuce bowl (lettuce was safe to eat here : ) ) that you put duck meat mixed with beans and more dry noodles.   

Then two different rice dishes.   

And a longer noodle base with the duck meat that has lots of fat on it (closest to you).  I really liked that dish.   

For those that wanted tea, it was offered as well.  

We ended with a duck soup.  Broth was good, but it had tofu in it.  I'm not fond of tofu so I passed.  : ) 
It was a great meal. 
Thanks Pepe and Erin for taking us out once again.  
I know you are busy people too. 
We returned back home and said farewell to Erin and then Pepe drove us to the airport.  We checked in with no issues, and said goodbye to Pepe. 
I'll miss that funny and wonderful Peruvian man.   : ) 
We went through customs without a hitch and awaited our plane.  It was on time thankfully.
We slept on the plane mostly.  Arriving on time.     

 Our plane home.  Thanks for safe travels. 

We managed to make our connection with about 15 minutes to spare.   

 But looking at the weather, I figured we would need to de-ice.  

and we did.
Sat in the plane for about 25 minutes with no air because the wait time at the deicing station was too long. Stifling.  

When we did push off, we saw lots of planes waiting in line.   

We waited for at least 30 minutes as I watched plane after plane de-ice, some who had arrived after us.  
Go figure.  : ) 

Finally it was our turn.   

A pretty cool way of doing it.   

 And a neat truck.  

The end result.   

Time to take off.  

We landed in Toronto almost 2 hours late, but glad to be home.  Thanks Harold for picking us up in that slop.  :) 

Soooooooooooo, that ends our Learning Opportunity for 2016.....or does it. : ) 

In a couple of days I'll have more reflection postings from the rest of the group, so check back next week if you wanted to see them.  

I'll also have some reflections of my time in Peru and the impact this has had on many who went, and those we visited. As a group we will also reflect in the coming weeks on our time in Peru and start to unpack our gift that God so graciously gave to us. This will prove to be the hardest part of the trip for all of us.  

I have included the video of our landing here, as well as that of the drama that we did.  Powerful. 
Hopefully soon we will be able to perform this in a service as well.  
Until then, it has been a blast, and I hope you have enjoyed the blog.  : ) I'll clean up the grammar some day in these posts, but that will happen eventually.  : ) 

Blessings to you all, and thanks for reading along, and commenting when you could.  

Drama from Marketplace Evangelism

Landing in Ottawa

Oh, and our souvenirs.  : ) 
INCA COLA!!!  is awesome.  

TTFN!!!!!!  : )