Friday, October 5, 2018

Calvin's Annual Church Picnic

Each year Calvin hosts a picnic for its Congregation. 
This year the timing didn't work out for holding one in June, so we decided to try September instead.  

A new item we added to the picnic was this BBQ.  : )  

I still brought my BBQ, which Martin got stuck with : ),  and Andrew used the new one that we purchased for the church.  
I'm not sure if Martin is happy about using my BBQ or not. : ) 

 Karen, our new Chair of Fellowship, and our newest member Kaymin (yay!) are getting things set up. 

People slowly arrive and await the start of the picnic. 
Oh, I see that Bill is here again.  : ) 
So illusive.  

Nice hat Bill. : ) 

It's always a great time of fellowship and each year we seem to draw a slightly different crowd, and the regulars as well.  Just some nice shots of people fellow-shipping. : ) 

 And before you know it...Food!  

The line is always long, but people are patient.   

Oh, I see Karen is helping on the BBQ too. 
That's due to Andrew having to do a run to the store to replace moldy buns... : ( 

Social...yet not so social.  : ) 

Fun to see the different groups form at each picnic.  

There was dessert too. 
Seems Pastor Craig didn't have enough hamburgers....hmmmm  : ) 

Great weather for the evening.
Great food.
Great fellowship.
We will have to do this again next year. : )