Thursday, March 3, 2022

Coldest Night of the Year - Feb 2022

This Past Saturday, February 26th Calvin members gathered together to walk to raise funds for Jericho Ministries, via the walk called

"Coldest Night of the Year"


Those who walked this year were:

Harold and Bea




Bruce and Christelle

Evert and Annet




Scott (eventually : ) )  

Neighbour of Bruce : ) 


We started at 2 p.m. ish. 

 Sarah and I were the last ones to arrive, and the group semi patiently waited for us : ) 

We started at 2 p.m. near Rideau Hall.   
Well almost all of us did. 
Scott was running late and would try to join us soon.  
A very kind RCMP officer took our picture.  

I thought this was going to be a simple walk.  : ) 
It actually turned out to be a guided tour given by Bruce.  
We stopped regularly and Bruce would avail us of all sorts of interesting facts and tidbits.  
I learned a lot of new things about this area.  

Single file on some of the walk.  

One of our stops.  

This DID help Scott catch up to us as well.  : )  

More single file walking.  

Periodic Pictures to Scott to let him know where we were :) 

Another stop and chat time.  

Nice view of Quebec.  

We continue.....

Hmmmmm  :) 

Yet another pic for Scott : ) 

A look up at the U.S. embassy residence.  

Something to do with the Vatican.   : ) 
I'll have to get Bruce to remind me.  

Scott has arrived.  : ) 

Scott and I catching up.  

Embassy of Denmark residence.  

After about a 6.1 km walk with information stops, we arrived at Bruce and Christelle's home for hot chocolate, coffee, and goodies.  

Waiting for the beverages.  

Time to dig in.  

Thanks to all who walked. 

Thanks to all who donated.  

We were able to raise $4600.00.  

Exceeding our goal of $3000. 

Until next year D.V.