Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Calvin CRC Campout - August 2015: Part 2

 Calvin Camping - Part #2 

We are back again.  
After our trip to the caves it was relax time.  

Story time for Emma, or maybe it was really for Evert...hmmm  : ) 

Coffee time....??

Lunch time.....

What's for lunch????????

Annet finally relaxing.  : ) 

I was going to bring along a couple of shelters for others in the group to use....but forgot....that would prove too bad later in the day......

Sarah in her glory.
Reading.  :) 

Leo in his glory. 

Our newest guests. 
Phil and Leanne.  

Tree climbing....

I don't think I got families to sign waivers saying we were not responsible for any injury...
I think I should have.  : ) 
Take a look in that tree.....shivers.......

More impromptu conversations.  

At different points in  our community.  

Stuart doing Sudoku....
I think.  : ) 

Our final guests have arrived. 
Pastor Craig and Janene and the boys. 
They at just arrived a couple of weeks earlier from Sarnia....hey, I came from ministry in Sarnia too....interesting.  : ) 

Cathy and Doug catching up.  

Janene meeting all sorts of new people.  : ) 

So, remember before I mentioned that Pastor Craig has a way with the weather. 
Well, as soon as he and his family showed up.....
it started to rain.....
thank goodness for the shelter. 

Nice picture.  

That shelter became grand central station for many of us.  

We played Cribbage....


some of the kids decided they weren't going to let the rain dampen their enthusiasm.  : ) 

Supper time prepared under the cover of canopies.  


A great, simple camping meal from Annet. 
Gotta try it sometime.  

Any shelter became a social place.  : ) 

Time for supper for those who didn't have a shelter. 
My bad...sorry....  : (  

Still having fun Stuart?  : ) 
Looks like Thomas is.  

Double protection from the rain.  

Awe.....'s raining.......

Andy taking shelter....

While Diane gets dinner ready inside the chateau Diane...

Hello Cathy.......

Families enjoying a meal together.  

A feast fit for two queens.  : ) 


At least you were dry.  

Taco's.....awesome Diane.  

That's how you tackle a Taco, eh Andy... : ) 

Nice and cozy in that shelter.  

Samuel and the camera.....
always smiling.  : ) 

Bill and Gwen came prepared.
Hmmm, will there be a fire tonight....
Bill was hopeful....he was itching to start another bon fire. 

So, Pastor Craig and family left at 8 pm...and guess what...the rain stopped. 
Sooooo, maybe I'm passing the mantel on to him when it comes to camping and rain......hmmmm  : )  

Bill wasted no time in getting the fire going.  

And a fire it was.....   : )
Dried everyone out. 

A nice picture of Kim and Lewis playing cribbage. 

He just kept putting more and more wood on the fire... : ) 
Good thing Bill bought the next 3 bags of fire wood. : )

Nice and warm (hot) and cozy.  

I love camp fires. 
Great conversations happen around them, 
or just quiet contemplation.  

Bill brought a very efficient way to roast very large marshmallows.  I would have never thought of that. 
I hope he disinfected that rake.  : ) 

It was a hit......

One marshmallow was enough to feed a whole family.  : ) 

And the fire just keeps on burning. 

Everyone hit the hay a wee bit earlier on Saturday evening. 
Before we knew it, it was morning.  

A bit foggy, but the sun was burning it off.  
Samuel and Doug and Louise using the shelter this time for breakfast.  

No sign of life.......  : ) 

Good morning Andy!

And Phil and Leanne.  

Everyone wide awake? 
Unfortunately we had to say good bye to Nathan and Margaret who had to deal with their ill littlest one. 
But grandparents allowed the other two to stick around. 
Yeah for grand parents.  : ) 

Good morning Donna Lee and Wilma.  

More congregating at the shelter.  

There is life........

our campsite before everyone woke up.  : ) 

Pancakes for breakfast.   

The home style syrup is the best....

It was a chilly morning.

Cathy came over to partake of our dishwater. 
Why not...we are in community.  
And we had great conversation as well.  

Katrina finally awake.  

Passing the morning reading....

The kids went digging in the fire pit for treasures unseen. 

Leo preparing for the morning sermon.  : ) 

Seems that reading was the favourite past time for many this Sunday morning.  

Katrina started packing a bit early. 
I'll take it.   : ) 

Look at the treasures they dug up.  

Precisely at 10 am we gathered for morning worship around the camp fire.  

It turned out to be a nice Sunday morning.  

I had something lined up to do, but forgot the book at home...sigh....
so plan B. 
Cathy volunteered to tell a children's story.  
Did a great job.  

And then I asked people to share their favourite Bible verse and tell us why.  Louise did...

Annette did....

Joycegina did.... and others did....

It was a great time of testimony. 
We ended with one of my favourite benediction songs....

"My Friends may you grow in Grace".
(sorry Stuart)  : ) 

A nice picture of community and fellowship of the saints.  

After church people were free to pack up and go to the beach or leave.  We had to leave. 
But others broke out games...

Some read.  

Others scootered....

And others packed up.  

It was a great weekend...  

....of fellowship and food and fire building.  : ) 

Another great weekend in the books. 
I think we'll do this again next year, around the same time, same place, different group campsite. 

I just have to get Pastor Craig to come again to see if this rain thing is for real or not........... : )