Friday, March 15, 2019

Cadets - Grade 7 & 8: It's time to build that wall!

Cadets @ Calvin
This year Angus and I decided to help out with a newly formed grade 7 and 8 group that wanted to stay in Cadets a wee bit longer. 

We do Bible Studies and badge work. 

This badge was just plain fun so I decided to blog it.  

The Handyman Badge. 

We asked Marc, a contractor in our church, if he would help us out by teaching these boys some of his craft.  
He was more than happy to do so.  
So he covered all sorts of stuff. 

 Marc started out by explaining the different tools that would be used for the evening.  

 Then he set them loose to measure up the walls they would be building in teams of two. 

 Angus got the job of cleaning up the wiring on some old boxes so we could use them.  

 Marc making sure things are going as planned.  

Measure twice
Cut once!

 Mark did the cutting.  

Starting to take shape.  

Time to hammer. 

Harder than it looks : ) 

Ethan and Yannick making progress

Lewis and Ryne hammering away.   

Is it level and true?  


 Mark puts some electrical boxes up. 

 And Ethan and Yannick add some more.  

Time to pull our wires through. 
But first the holes need to be drilled.  

 Time to wire.  

Getting there.  

Now to measure the drywall. 

 And begin screwing it into place.  
Again, not as easy as it might seem.  

 Cutting the holes for the electrical boxes with a drywall saw. 
I need to get me one of those  : )  

Yes, our work area is cluttered, but we are getting things done.  : ) 

More teaching.  

More work.  

More drywalling.  

We were not able to get everything done in one night, so Marc agreed to come back in two weeks.  

See below  : ) 

Two Weeks Later!

Electrical being shown to Ethan and Yannick 

 Dry-walling continued.  

How to splice the wires.  

Figuring out how it all works.  

Ryne looks like he's having fun. 

Learning about drywall mud.  

 Lewis and Ryne wiring up a box.  

 As are Ethan and Yannick 

Drywall taping and mudding is an art.  

As we all learned. 
I learned a few new techniques too. 
Thanks Marc : ) 

Marc wanted to teach them how to repair a hole in a wall, so he asked Ethan to punch a hole in it. 



happy to oblige  : ) 

Lewis getting the hang of the electrical. 

Filling in another hole.  

 Ryne mudding.  

Yannick really liked the cordless drill  : ) 

Marc showing us all how to fill a hole in drywall. 

Hard at work.  

The end result. 
Goofy pic.  

And a not so goofy one. 
I think we all learned a great deal about wiring and drywall and building a wall. 
THANKS AGAIN Marc for helping out.

If you need any work done around your house now... : )