Thursday, November 17, 2016

Classis Fall Retreat @ Circle Square Ranch: Oct 2016 - Part 2


After lunch we had free time. 
That means high ropes, horseback riding, time with The Fidgets, and free time.  
Here's many of our youth group getting ready for high ropes.

The course. 
Unfortunately wood peckers had ruined one of the main poles, so there were only two courses that could be used this time around. 

The group not highroping. 
I'm with you.  : ) 

Cute Sarah and Ella.  

Katrina, my BRAVE daughter.  : )


Thomas was determined to give it a try. 
Your a better man than I.  

Ben contemplating the height.  

Abijah ready to give it a go. 

He tried the more difficult course with the slack rope. 
Not easy.  

And there's Ryan.  

That looks SOOO high.  

But Ryan did a great job.  

Time to come down. 

I guess Ryan's balayer needed some help as he came down. : )  That's why they have a back up behind the balayer.   

There's that Spoon again from Ben...sigh.  

Michelle way up high. 

Sarah's turn. 

I gave Abijah the camera. 
Some good pictures.  

Katrina's turn. 

So much more daring than me.  : )

Ella's turn

So intense. 

Thomas giving the course a good try. 

He wasn't the most confident person going up, but at least he went up, which is more than I would have done.  

Janika gave the harder course a try. 
You needed to get across by tightening the rope and Janika made it look easy.  

Back on Terra Ferma   

Rosy's turn.

She didn't last too long.  :) 

She had more fun coming down than going up I think. : ) 

Christine's turn.  

She did very well.  

Look, I'm flying. 

John took some great pictures of the leaves and trees.  

Our groups also spent an hour each with The Fidgets.  

John and Reuben having fun.  

We also got to go horseback riding.  
Here are the stables.  

Time for a lesson in riding.  

Time for the horses to be paired up with riders.

Michelle has a horse. 

Katrina too.  







Time to mount the horse.  

Katrina is ready to go. 

Michelle too. 

Seems Katrina's horse doesn't want to stay in line.  






and Ryan all ready to go.  

A nice trail to horseback ride through. 

And look who's out for a stroll.
Where's Reuben?

There he is.. such a cutie.  

Time for games and free time.  

Which for Rosy meant, homework time.  : )

And for Micheal meant, feeding time.  

And for Peter, Guitar time.  

John and Dave are such a hoot when they are doing improv. 

A picture suited for a post card.  

Dinner time after a great afternoon spent outdoors.  

Sorry Chris.  Couldn't resist.  

The food was pretty good this year. 
Lots of coffee and hot chocolate consumed too.  : ) 

Worship time after supper. 

And then a 1.5 hour time with The Fidgets. 

All kinds of strange things happened. 
I'll post a couple of video clips at the end of the this post to give you an idea.  

hmmmm, head in armpit. I'm afraid to ask.  

strange but true.  

This one involved Chris and Melanie, the two on the right, making sounds as the story unfolded from Dave and John.  

Ben was imitating a Racoon in this skit called Party Host.    

Here's a clip of his antics. 

And here are some other clips of the evening's show. 
Hope you enjoy them. 

We'll start off with a skit called "Words". 
Each of the fidgets can only use a certain amount of words in each sentence. 
John gets 1 word. 
Dave gets 3 words 
and Chris gets 7 words.  

Next is a skit that's called "Greatest Hits" which involves a story line in which Chris has to come up with songs on the fly, using just the music supplied and a title that Dave will give him.  He did pretty good if you ask me. : )

Song 1

Song 2

Then we see a couple of clips from the game "Gibberish".  A game where three things are picked and one of the fidgets has to get the other fidget to guess, and then that fidget needs to get the last one to guess, but they cannot use words - only actions. 
In this case Chris is trying to get Dave to guess that he's Mr. Bean, and then Dave has to make John guess the same thing. 

Chris getting Dave to guess Mr. Bean

Dave getting John to guess Mr. Bean

After laughing till my stomach hurt (and yes, humour is subjective) it was snack time.  Freshly popped popcorn.  

Hey Rosy.  
Strange as usual.  

And sweet too. 

Yes Janika, it's popcorn.  

To finish out the day - more games. 
This one involved a straw and some beans and passing them from person to person.  

Proved interesting. 

John and John or should I say 
John squared. : ) 

After another brief sleep time, it was time for a continental breakfast.  Chris and Debbie seem like they actually got some sleep.  : ) 

My group looking so awake.  : ) 

Ryan passing the time.  

Good morning Janika. 
That face says it all.  : )

We started things out with a guessing game. 
Had to guess which picture would come up. Either arms at your sides.   This one looks like Dave needs to pee.   : ) 

Arms up.  

or hands on knees.  

Here we are guessing which slide would come up. 

We ended The Fidgets time with the youth leaders playing "slide show". 

John tells a story with his back to the group, says "click" and the group needs to pose and then John weaves that picture into his story.  

As you can see, there is some interesting story to tell.  

And then it was worship time. 

and Dave spoke his final talk  

As an encore The Fidgets did one last skit called "Helping Hands." Two people are called up and they have to make John and Dave move based on the story that is being told. In this case its trying out for the Cirque du Soleil.     

Always hilarious.  

hmmmm, I think they are supposed to be looking at each other here. : ) 

Check out the video clip that might help explain some of these antics. 

And we ended with Brunch. 

A hungry group.  

Before we knew it it was time to head home again. 
Another great weekend together with youth and youth leaders and The Fidgets. 

Until next year D.V.