Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Calvin Camping - August 2017

Another Calvin Camping weekend in the books. 
It happened from August 18 - 20 once again at Lac Philippe. 

This year, we weren't sure about the weather, but things held up ok. More on that later. 
Ever time we host this weekend we get a different crowd. 

I like that.  
This year was more of the "mature" crowd of Calvin. 
Joycegina and I arrived at 1:30 ish, thinking we'd be the first ones there. 
Once again we weren't.  
Here's the beginning of our set up 

Our little corner of the site.   

Bill and Gwen and Pat And Yvonne neighbours.  

We settled in and waited for more to arrive.  

A closer view of our site.  
Ours was one of two tent trailers. 
Aside from one tent, the rest were more like condo's.  : ) 

Eventually most arrived and we relaxed in the warm summer sun. 
We knew rain was coming, but we were able to get in supper and Sonja and Elizabeth got their tent up just before the rain started. 
But we weren't going to let a little rain stop us from having a fire.  
Especially with Bill around.  
You will see, though, in this picture that we did come prepared.  Some more than others.  
It poured periodically, but we could see the fun in it...well most of us could, right Pat and Yvonne. 
MEMORIES!!!  Whoot.  
We did get a bit wet, I'll admit that, but it was fun.  

 And Bill's fires would need a deluge to be put out. 


It's raining there.
Nice puddles around the fire.  

But the fire kept on burning. 
The stars did come out for a bit and we all headed off to bed at about 11 pm. 
And yes, the rain started again for a while. 

Morning time. 
Our set up, more or less. : ) 

Andy and Diane arrived promptly at 9 am.  
They made the rounds.  They were going to stay for one night only, and be guests of Bill and Gwen, as they sold their trailer last year.  

 Soon it was coffee time and the snacks came out.  

 Evert and Annet and Fred and Diana also joined us for the day. 
Impromptu "fellowship gatherings" would pop up as the day progressed. 
This one was by our tent trailer, until the rain started.  : )  

 Some went for a walk along the road and further into the bush.  

After lunch the rain began. 
Thankfully we have use of this wonderful shelter on our site. 
Amazing and warm and dry.  

Some socialized and others played games. 

Like I said, some socialized.
What's this, men with men....

..and women with women.  : ) 

Oh good, Evert isn't fitting into the mold. 

All sorts of different games popped up.  

I even learned a new one. 
Was frustrating.  : ) 
But I also got to teach Elizabeth Cribbage and I played Pat several games of Cribbage too. 
Love it when a game of cribbage moves along.  

"coffee" time after the rain stopped.  : ) 

Hey Pat, look natural.  

That's better, and stop laughing in pictures.  : ) 

Cute way to stay out of the rain. 

 The Hilton.  
Looks like Andy and Diane picked  a great place to Glamp.  : ) 
And I wasn't even invited for lunch.  : (  

More socializing. 
Was fun to just chat and get together.  
No hiking or swimming this year.  

Slowly we started to gather under the tarps. 
The sun came out. 
It was hot. 

Panoramic of the one side

And the other side. 

Also played Bocce ball. 
Had LOTS of people so two different games happened.  

Group A

Group B.  
Was fun to watch how each group played with different rules and groupings. : ) 

Supper was soon upon us. 
Gus, that looks good.  

Pre supper social.  : ) 

We convinced Evert and Annet and Fred and Diana to stick around for dinner.  
Margaret scrounged up a very nice meal for them.  Always come prepared when you go camping. You never know who's going to stop by.  : ) 

Oh, our final arrivals. 
Leo and Jannie.  
Enjoying dinner and looking at the greenery. (they came in  the morning BTW)
It is a nice camp site.  

Soon it was fire time again. 
Bill getting things ready. 
He doesn't need paper as you can see : ) 

voila.  :)  

Some wanted to play more games as darkness was thrust upon us. 

Soon everyone gathered again around the fire. 
It only rained briefly.  

I think this was the funnest camp fire I've ever been at at Calvin camping weekends. 
I laughed so hard my sides hurt. 
And we all ended up sharing how we met as couples (Elizabeth learned a whole bunch of stuff.  Remember, what's said at the camp fire, stays at the camp fire). 
It was fun and filled with laughter, but it was also neat to see how we all trusted each other enough to share our stories.  
No two alike, but all cool in their own way. 
Common theme?  Letter writing.  
That's all I will say.  : ) 

Sunday Morning.  

Clear skies.  Whoot! 

We gathered for a short church service. 

 Pastor Andy shared with us, and then some of us shared our favourite Bible verse and why. Was good. 

And before we knew it it was time to pack up. 
Another great weekend in the books. 
Next year again D.V. 
When and where TBA