Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Care Package Preparations 2019

It's that time of year again for our youth group to bless college/university students.  

This year we prepared 174 boxes. 
Pics are below but before you get to that some fun facts. 

Contents of the boxes is: 
  • Werthers' originals  3 / box
  • Hot Chocolate  2 / box
  • Earl Grey Tea packets 3 / box
  • Oatmeal packages several / box
  • Sticky note pads 
  • Mr. Noodle  2 / box
  • Celebration Mini Chocolate Chip in Packets - 1 / box
  • Tissue packets 1 / box
  • Gum packets   1 per box plus extra
  • Microwave popcorn   2 / box +
  • Small mouth wash  1 / box
  • Swiss milk chocolate several / box
  • Richola Losenges  2 / box
  • King pepermint rolls and/or Mentos 1 / box 
  • Pens 1 /  box. 
  • Gospel of John from the Gideons

Total pieces 
put into the boxes was 4017 - give or take a couple of hundred more : ) 

Total donated cash amount
was $1060 plus all the donated items, so probably more like $1500 total

Parcels will be given out to: 
11 to Redeemer U students away
4 to persons just needing a pick me up
29 to people attending Calvin and are students
130 to U of Ottawa Students via Pastor Sid's Campus ministry. 

Thanks to all from Calvin who donated items or funds to make this possible. 

The donations that came in person and stuff I purchased with the $$ donations.  
The loot before we we pack it up. 

William came to help out too.  Thanks William.  

We once again had our card making station. 

Card makers waiting to get started.  : )  

We also had our wrapping paper station.  
Time to cut and decorate.   

Getting the 174 boxes ready for items. 
I decided on cardboard this time, though after the fact I'm not sold on them.  hmmmmm 

Rachel having fun making cards and being well....
her usual self.  : )  

Everyone in full card making mode now.  

Filling the boxes. 

And filling.... 

....and filling : )  

In full production mode.   

Took about 1/2 hour to get those 4000+ pieces in all the boxes.   

What to select to make that card juuuuussstt perfect!  : )  

Still packing the boxes.... 

Paper ready to be decorated.  

Lots of cool things for students to be greeted by.  

Filled boxes, minus the card.   

Time to close them up and wrap them.   

Ethan on Paper cutting duty

Lots of wrapping to do.  

Almost done all the cards. 
A lot of work.   

Organized Mayhem! : )  

The pyramid is taking shape.  

On the home stretch.  

The lopsided pyramid completed. 
Sorry for the uneven nature Lena  : ) 

 Group shot.  
As you can see William has a twin. 
Seems that this is a new thing to do when we take this picture every year.  
Phil has a twin, now William.  
Who will it be next year. : ) 

Another successful care package night. 
Awesome work by our youth and youth leaders. 
Now we bless people and let God handle the rest.  : ) 

Until NEXT YEAR!