Thursday, December 22, 2011

Youth Leader's Christmas Gathering

I love our youth leaders.  They do such a great job year in and year out.  We don't get much time to just "hang out"  though, so this year we decided to have a Christmas get together with all of us.  We held it a Janine's house.  

I brought the wine, and a lemon meringue pie that no one touched.  That didn't matter because there was lots of other  better food there.  Cream cheese, fruits galore, chocolate covered ginger, chocolate pudding.....notice the trend...lots of milk products.  For a guy who's lactose intolerant, you'd think these youth leaders were out to get me or something.  : )  

We socialized for a  bit, and then played a game that I've never heard of before.  In fact, I can't remember the name, but Jeannine will comment on it and tell us all what it's called.  

I have to say, I loved it, and tolerated it.  A crazy game for sure.  

 Mel had to sit behind a chair and make a fort and stay there until her next turn.  

 Jeannine, bringer of the game, laughed and laughed at us.  I ended up having to compliment her EVERY time she had a turn.  That was fun...really!  : ) 

 I had to wash my feet in Janine's sink  (sorry about that Janine, it wasn't my idea).  Janine gave me a spray bottle.  I then had to hold the card between my toes until my next turn....what kind of people think up these things......I also had to dance with Kevin, but he took the two backspace penalty rather than go a round with me  : )  I was hurt!!! bahahahah  I wasn't about to take a penalty, so I danced with myself.  We have video of that too, but I'm not putting THAT up....yet!  : ) 

 Janine had to speak like a gospel preacher  (so not her) as she read out her cards, and Andrea had to roll dice, pick her nose and yell every time she rolled  a 2.  I have video of it, but I won't embarrass her with it.  

 Janine had to wear this Christmas Tree decoration around her neck for the whole game, and do other strange things.  

This is what this game does to you.....  : ) 

Time went quickly.  I think we need to do this with a section of our youth group sometime.  It would be a BLAST!  

We soon departed ways.  

As we draw to the end of another year, let me just say that it is truly an honor and privilege to work with you Kevin, Ken V, Jeannine, Janine, and Mel.  Andrea it has been fun having you around too for this 1/2 year.  Blessings to you as you bring two new people into the world soon. 

Thanks for your work as youth leaders, and friendship.  Have a blessed Christmas time and see you in 2012.....

YAHOO!!!!!!!!!  : ) 

Friendship and Coffee Break Christmas Get togethers

Friendship Group

While our CIA/ETM Christmas party was going on downstairs in the church, Friendship group was rocking upstairs with their own Christmas party.  

Every other Tuesday Friends gather for fellowship, faith building, and of course food!  

 Friendship group has been growing over the past couple of years. Tonight there were close to 70 people present.  WoW!  

It takes lots of volunteers, like Sandy, to make this ministry succeed.  Our friends have lots of fun while at Friendship group.  If you would like to help out being a mentor on Tuesday evenings, drop me an email at  and I'll hook you up.  

Coffee Break
 The next day, Wednesday, it was time for Coffee Break to get together for their Christmas gathering (Boy, the church was hoping this week).  They began decorating after we were done on Tuesday night.  Janine gathered a couple of YP to bring up some couches and they decorated the fellowship hall with festive cheer.  

 There were going to be games to play, as well as time to socialize, and if you wanted to you'd be able to do a craft.  

 The morning soon arrived and people gathered together.  

 I like the idea of having couches in the fellowship hall.  Cozy....hmmmmm  : )  

 Whether couch or chair, the fellowship was sweet!  : ) 

As were the snacks on the table...SWEET!  : )  

 The group gathered in the sanctuary for a short Christmas program.  Hey, Annette, I didn't know you played the learn something new every day...........  : ) 

After the program, it was back into the fellowship hall for a relaxing time of fellowship together.   Blessings to all of you as you break for the Christmas Holiday time.  

CIA / ETM Christmas Party

December is upon us and our youth ministry season is drawing to a close.  This evening was our annual Christmas Party for CIA/ETM. 

 We started our evening by getting ready to go out for some Christmas Caroling.  I think William is a bit spooked by the whole idea...  : ) 

 We went out caroling; 35 people strong.  Could be a bit intimidating for someone who comes to the door, but most people loved it.  Only one person wouldn't come to the door.  We sounded pretty good, and were able to be a blessing to those surrounding our church.  

 We went to several homes.  At one place, as we neared the end of our singing, the gentleman started to cry.  He was moved by our singing and just the idea that we'd go out and do this.  

I liked the idea so much, I decided to invite people to do this again the coming Sunday evening.  We had some of our youth come out, some young adults, and some congregational members. 24 of us in total.  It was another great night, and those who were home loved our singing.  A nice way to meet those in the community.   

I think we'll have to give the church more notice and make this a Sunday evening event next year.  What do you think fellow Calvinites....????

 After about 45 minutes of caroling, we headed back inside for some Christmas games.  

 This one involved using gloves and unwrapping chocolate.  Torture to watch....Jacob is taking this way to seriously.  

 Lucy seems to be having more fun.  

 The idea for the evening was to wear an ugly sweater.  I don't think Jeannine got the memo, because she actually looks okay in her outfit.....and I see Andrea made the picture with her belly showing...AGAIN!  bahahaha

The next game involved balloons, pantie hose and reindeer.  Here Rosy, David and Jonah get the balloons blown up.    

 Fontana and Alexa stuff their stockings with the balloons.  

 Oh, here are the gifts we brought.  They are for Christie Lake Camp, to be dropped off tomorrow.  

 Our snack food for the evenings.  What party would be complete without snack food.  

 Oh, back to the evening.  So, the end result was to make your nylons look like antlers.  I think Fontana is a natural. 
 : ) 

 Look at all the cute reindeer.  Better you than me. : )

 On to the next game....building ginger bread houses, with accessories.  

 Gaelen and Michael got just a bit too into the costume spirit.  

 Janine had a nice sweater...though the pink didn't thrill me much....I'm not sure if she actually wears that sweater still, but if you do looks nice...movin' on....  : ) 

 When you make ginger bread homes, and use icing for mortar, you are going to have some people do silly things.  Figures Fontana is in the middle of it once again.   

 You too Hannah! 

 Chris' group got pretty serious about their house. 

 Fontana's group....not so looks more like a ginger dump than home....

 Someone got to me too.....

 This house turned out pretty good.  I like the driveway...if only I could taste it....just a small bite...

 All this house building was making me sweat...whew...well, really I was wiping off MORE icing....

 Another nice looking place.  Lots of work gone into this one.  

 This house was good too.  I like the car with wheels of peppermint.  

 After the homes were finished, Mel, Jeannine and Janine judged them.  Fontana's group did NOT win, in case you were wondering.  

 Jacob helped clean up after the ginger bread making.  
LOTS of garbage and icing.....

 Chris and Jacob having some fun.  They COULD be brothers.  

 A group shot of everyone in their ugly sweaters.  

 Hey, where did everyone go?

 Oh, there they are, and they're beating me up...again! 

 Snack time.  

 The Gluten free girls. 

 After Snacks it was time for some Christmas Trivia.  I think Michael used his I phone or pod to get the answers...though he denies it....  : ) 

 The groups were then split into 2 and one half did pictionary....

 While the other half did Charades to guess  Christmas Carols.  

 Got a problem with your back Jacob.....

 Soon it was time to go home.  The next day I brought the gifts to Christie Lake headquarters in Ottawa.  They were very thankful for the presents.  

I'd not heard of Christie Lake Camp before this.  Here's a picture of there grounds on Christie Lake.  A nice place.  They do work with the Caldwell area kids, and we partner with the Carlington Community Chaplaincy so we are indirectly partnering with the same place.  Neat. 

All in all another GREAT Christmas celebration time.  Time to have some fun and time to be a blessing to those in our church neigbourhood and other children.  

Have a blessed Christmas CIA/ETM'rs.