Monday, November 1, 2021

Young Adults Pumpkin Carving Time - Oct 31, 2021


Well,  we just had our youth do some pumpkin carving this past week, and yesterday it was time for some of our young adults to do the same.  

After a meal together we gathered in my garage, once again, and this group took on the task of creating great things via a pumpkin. 

You can see that Jonah is really wanting to start.  : ) 

And so was Ashley : )  
The next two pics show her enthusiasm in wanting to get things moving along : ) 

Yes, Jonah, I wouldn't want Ashely mad at me either : ) 

We start with taking the top off and taking out the guts of the pumpkin.  

Casey getting into it.  

Then time to take out the seeds and fleshy part.  

This was a unique pumpkin, and Megan (after a suggestion by someone) decided to make Larry the Cucumber come alive.  
I'm a personal fan of Larry, so I was very excited to see how he would turn out : ). 

Casey wasted no time in getting his carving done : ) 
A job well done!  

Jonah, after much thought, decided to create Bill Bee.  

Larry is taking shape!!!  

Ashley starting on her carving. 
A blue knife blade was something I had not seen before.  
Apparently, they are quite common.  Who knew.  

Sarah taking her time getting the guts out : ). 

Miranda decided to do yet another Dragon!  : ) 

And Rachael...well...let's just say she wanted the seeds to roast more than carving the pumpkin :) 

Larry is done!  
Nice job Megan.  

Megan offered to carve something for Rachael and she happily obliged and kept working on her pumpkin seed procurement.  

Getting serious.   : ) 

Nice work Megan. 

Jonah is almost done.  

Miranda's Dragon.  

Ashley's mustache man.  

Billy Bee Complete! 

Casey had to leave early and Sarah completed hers a bit later, but here are the other pumpkins completed. 
Again, very talented people when it comes to carving.  

Sarah's was completed before the tricker treaters arrived.  
Very well done! 

Sarah's lit up at night.  

And I was able to keep Larry the Cucumber (thanks Megan).  

He lit up wonderfully : ) 

A great time was had by all.