Thursday, March 28, 2024

Calvin's First Annual "souperbowl" event and spending time at 220 viewmount.

 "Soup"erBowl Potluck Event

Greetings once again. 

After a GREAT "Learning Opportunity" during March break, fellowship events continue to happen at Calvin.  

This one was a new event for us. 

A spoof on watching the super bowl game, I learned of a "Souperbowl" potluck event by another church and decided to try it here at Calvin. 

It was a hit!!  : ) 

The idea is that:

1. People come and bring their favourite pot of soup.  

2. Those who attend taste test all the soups, 

3. Then select their top three soups. 

4. The soup with the most votes wins the "Golden Ladle!!" 

We were not sure how many would come out, but we got 22 pots of soup and about 55 ish people.  
Whoot!! : ) 

The soups are numbered and ready to be tasted.  

Let the selection begin.  

Yes Jeremy, what to select first?? : )
That is the question.   

There were also bread and salads 

People took multiple bowls, reused their same bowl, or just stood at the tables and sampled from bowl to bowl : ) 

It was fun watching everyone try to figure out their top 3.  

Here's a listing of all the soups.  
Quite a variety.  
And very delicious!! 

One person took copious notes to ensure their top three choices were the best choices :) 

You'll see on the table the basket that the voting sheets went into.  
Gabby tallied up the results.  

And she made our very own 
"Golden Ladle"!!!  : ) 

So, at the end of the day, here are the winners. 

3rd place went to Annet and Evert with their Split Pea & Sausage

2nd place went to Carrie and Michael with their Dill Pickle
1ST PLACE went to Phil with his Carrot Ginger. 

Here is his acceptance speech.  
Listen carefully, as the audio could be clearer. 

This will happen again next year for sure : ) 
We just need to find a way to have people sample several soups at once : )  
Thanks to the fellowship committee for helping make this event a great success 
AND thanks to all who made a delicious soup for us.  
Whooooottttt !!!! : ) 

Games night at 220 Viewmount

Once again our youth group travelled to 220 Viewmount to spend time with some residents there fellowshipping through games.   

It was a smaller crowd this time due to the flu travelling through the building, but fun was still had by all. 

This group is learning how to play Mexican Train.  

This group as well.  

Uno is always a fun and easy game to play.  

And Quirkle.  A game we play often at home.  

It was a good time of fellowship. 
Thanks to those youth who came out and mingled.  

Blessings to you alllllllll  : ) 


Friday, March 15, 2024

2024 Mission Trip - David, Kentucky - Friday


Day 7 of the trip

Day 5 of work. 

And today was one of those days in mission trips where things are done, but there are other things to do, our hearts aren't really into it, but we do the job because we are here to serve. : ) 

It happens sometimes.  

Before bed last night, I just grabbed a picture of Abby, Leah and Kaley playing a game of cribbage.  Lots of games played this week.  

We woke up an hour later this morning.  
Ryne didn't disappoint. He is actually awake here  : ) 

Claudia enjoying her third coffee : ) 

Erin and company chatting it up.  

We had rain and a thunderstorm overnight. 
Apparently, some tornadoes were in the area as well.  

Another family picture time. 
Daniel, Yolandi, Claudia and Malan.  
You'll notice in this picture Malan's eyes are closed.  

And in this one, I think Claudia's eyes are closed.  

8 a.m. devotions.  

Lunch-making time. 

My sugar fix for the day. 

Today was a day where we worked differently. 
This group was tasked with cleaning up our living quarters (pictures below) and then doing some work in the smaller shop on the property. 
Craig and Eli went back to their work site to finish off some mudding and maybe some painting???? 

The rest were going to the larger warehouse to move lots of lumber.  

These pictures were taken by Daniel

Putting together the shelves.  I heard there was some competition going on in getting them put together. 

They also had to bring items from the ceiling down to the floor.  Danik looks very content up there.  

They were tasked with making Easter Baskets for adults and children from donated items.  

hmmmm, Danik.  What happened to you? 
Oh, I found out.  Danik is laying on Rohan's foot, while Malan does all the work.  : ) 

More sorting of items for Easter baskets and sorting other items.  That centre space was packed with boxes before they started.  

Awe, a nice bouquet of flowers. 
Made by Malan.  Gifted to Ryne.   

Marika took these pictures.  
The group had to clean the bathrooms. 
Marika:  The guys who attempted to clean the bathrooms didn't realize that you need to clean the shower floors, the outside of the toilets and under the toilet seats, so Claudia and I (Marika) had to go back and redo it. (Ryne's response: The bathrooms looked the same both before and after Marika's attempt...)

our sleeping quarters

Sweep the floors. 

Great job Danik and Malan. 

And then it was time to sort t-shirts and fold them. 
I think the sorting is 1/2 done. 

The end result. 
Nice work. 

We needed to put hygiene bags into totes.  
The cardboard boxes got wet overnight in the rain.  

And the group put together some bookshelves. 
(Go back up top for Daniel's pics of the groups cleaning up.)

This is the warehouse.  I pictured it a bit larger. 

Jason was put in charge and we are getting organized. 
We had 19 people there so it took a bit of time to get people working.  

We moved lots of lumber 

There was a container full of wood and very disorganized so we decided to build shelves and reorganize a section of the container.  

And did I say we moved lots of wood?  

Jason got to use his new toy.  
He is certified to drive a forklift.  

We needed to move a couple of piles of flooring as well and as they got lighter on the pallets, Jason and Holden found a good way to move them over.  

A nice selfie I just needed to capture too.  

And there it is

We do not suggest having this many people drive a forklift. : )


Teamwork to get this lumber where it had to go. 

Moving the flooring. 

And unused insulation from our jobs. 

Sweeping up.  

Climbing up. 

Jason is eyeballing this piece of lumber and he ended up taking a picture because he says he has never seen a more twisted piece.  

And there it is.  : ) 

I went back to get drills and a skill saw, and others started to empty the container. 

Looking cleaner. 

Starting the making of the shelving units. 

And taking out the lumber. 

The forklift came in very handy. 

Some pictures from Mary 
Cadie did A LOT of moving of lumber today.  

As did most of the other ladies present.  

Putting together the shelves.  

PAKE is leading the charge in getting the shelves made, but the boys were quick learners. 

Lunch time!!  : ) 

The first shelf set is in. 

Continuing to make shelves. 


Moving more wood. 

We needed to get this very wide wood through this not-so-wide space, so we moved it from one pallet to another.  

Keep smiling Holden.  

The ladies take a break from moving the wood as the second set of shelves are put in place.  

Almost done loading back up. 

All finished. 

And a better way to sort the wood in the container. 
Though not all of us were excited about doing this work today, we were able to help St. Vincent Mission get set up for the summer volunteer season, and that was a very nice thing to be able to do.   

A nice picture with the lilac trees surrounding a business (I think?)

We all came back at about 3 p.m. and a bunch of people went for a walk, and some went to climb a mountain.  

These are the pictures from those who climbed the mountain 
(of sorts : ) 

Apparently, there was a container here too.  
Seems to be something to climb on.  

On the trail. 

Jason tried to flip this rock down the hill.  

Seems he couldn't, so he asked for help.  
Strange group. 

Here's who went on the little hike up the hill.  

Luke smelling the flowers. 
How do they smell Luke? 

Nathaniel taking a moment : ) 

The view. 

And.....well......Luke being Luke.  : ) 

Supper started at 4:30 today.  

Jason BBQ's the burgers.   
A good flame.   

Some in the group chillin' till supper time. 

Time to gather. 

And eat. 

This will be the last meal served to us. 
A HUGE THANK YOU to Kim and Janene for all your hard work keeping us fed.  
I know how much good food means at the end of the day, and NOT having to prepare it after the day's work.  An AWESOME job. 

Dishes crew. 
Whoa.  What's happening with the hair Marika?  

A better shot.  

More chess.  

We end our trips with what I like to call
"Nice comment time" 
Everyone signs a sheet of paper, hands it to the person on their right and then writes a nice comment about that person.  It's great to get these sheets a couple of weeks later.  
Some people take longer than others to write things down, but we won't mention any names to protect the guilty : ) 

Soooooo, this is the final post for this 2024 Learning Opportunity in David, Kentucky. 
It's been a good trip. 
Thanks for experiencing it with us in real-time.  
We've had good times and stretching times.   
We have served, and been served. 
The hope now is to take our learnings home and maybe do things a bit differently now. 

My prayer is that you all will.  

We will be up at 4:30 a.m. and leaving for home at 5 a.m. 
Please pray for the drivers as we are starting out already pretty tired.