Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Caldwell BBQ - Sept 2023


My last post about serving at the Caldwell Chaplaincy was back in March highlighting our brown bag lunch event. 

This past weekend we once again held our Caldwell BBQ lunch to bless those in the Caldwell area who struggle with food security.  

We once again began with people purchasing food for the occasion and then some others prepping the tomatoes and lettuce.  

Yes, this picture is just to prove I did some work : ) 

Nellie and Evert washed and cut the lettuce. 

Thanks to Sarah, Nellie, and Evert for getting things ready to go.  

I also loaded up the two BBQ's and shelters we use from the church.  

As well as the food supplies.  

Setting things up.  

We also use a larger BBQ from the Chaplaincy so we can cook Halal burgers.  

Ready to go.  

Cheryl and Ray getting the larger BBQ ready.  

Miranda (a first timer!!,  I think?? : ) ) 
showed up and I put her to work on the other BBQ. 
Lots of smoke.  Cough Cough.  

At 11:30 we started.  People started milling about at 11 a.m.  : ) 

Time to get cooking.  

Miranda and I got the regular burgers going.  

The Halal burgers cooking away.  

Annet and others making sure the stations are ready to go.  

Jonathan and sons came out to help as well. 
Also first timers.  
Whoot!! : ) 

My burgers cooking away. : ) 

Theo and Gareth help get a burger prepared for a patron.   

And Evert and Jonathan

And Jonah and Emma (both first timers toooo)  and Annet 

I found this cool spatula.  : ) 
No, I know, it's not REALLY a spatula, but it sure worked well flipping the burgers.  
Gotta use it again next year : ) 

When we were done I decided to burn off the excess grease on both BBQ's.    There was LOTS of grease : ) 

Thanks to all who volunteered to help make yet another Caldwell event a success. 

We planned for 150 hamburgers, bought 180 and ran out this time. 
Food security is an issue.  

Blessings to you all, until next time. 

Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Calvin's Camping Weekend - July 2023

 Summer is here.  

And with it comes yet another weekend of camping with fellow Calvin(ites).   This year I changed things up and we held our camping weekend in July instead of August  (July 7 - 9), in the hopes of maybe getting a fewwwwww more people to come out.  We had a couple do just that which was nice.  Below are some pics to enjoy if you want to : ).  

We started out with a smaller crowd for the Friday afternoon and evening but those there had a good time.  Some we already camping in the park on sites and came to join us for the evening fire.  

The campfire is always the best time : ) 

Michael and Erik set up camp nicely.  

Our spot and their spot.  

At these weekends spontaneous coffee always shows up.  Here we are gathered at Bill and Gwen's place : ) 

You'll notice I'm actually in a picture.  Evert thought it nice to include me. 

 He even got a different angle : ) 

AND reminded me that I may not have as many hair follicles in my head as I used to : ) 
Note to self:  Evert no longer gets to use my iPhone for pictures : ) 

Fred and Diana showed up on Saturday as well.  

It was a great weather weekend actually, and the beach was cool.  
Yet another picture of me : ) 

Gwen and Diana don't look too happy with whoever took this picture : ) 

Jeanette came this weekend as well. 
First-time camper.  
She got a picture of some different species of firefly we observed at night.  

Her cute dog.  

Lots of shells at the beach.  

And this crazy tree trunk amidst the tree trunks.  

I'll end with lots of pics of our Saturday evening Camp Fire time.  
Once again there was LOTS of wood to burn.

Erik roasts his mallows for s'mores.  

And Jonathan and Nathan enjoy the glow sticks.  
Weren't they meant for your kids, Nathan?? : ) 

It ended up being a great weekend. 
Sunday we had a short service together and then packed up and/or headed to the beach. 
Evert and Annet and Fred and Diana travelled to sites within the park to spend more time relaxing.   

Until next year.   : )