Wednesday, May 1, 2024

Cadet and GEMS Cub car races. 2024

 This past year we once again held our annual Cub Car building and racing time.   The GEMS joined the Cadets again and all had a great time preparing their cars and racing them.  

Below are some pictures and then a whole bunch of short video clips showing some of the many races that were done.  Cadets and GEMS, maybe you can pick out your car : ) 

Between the pictures and the video clips is a list of who won what.   

Congratulations to all who made a car, raced a car, and enjoyed themselves through the process.  

The very old, but very faithful track that is used for races. 
There is talk of upgrading it, but as of yet, this relic does the job : ) 

There was judging for the best looking car and some of them were very well done.  
Way to go (dad's : ) )

A test run of the track.  

Most of the cars in the competition.  

Trophies that will be given out at the end of the night. 

And the races have begun.   
Lots and lots of them : ) 

Once the scheduled races were done, Miranda and Doug figured out the top ones to be raced again to determine the winner.  It's quite a complicated formula they use.  I won't even begin to explain it : ) 

I grabbed a picture of two of the cars that I think had a lot of work put into them but both dad and son(s)  : )  

And then the finals were done and a winner was determined....after using another complicated formula : )  

Everyone wants to know who won!! 

Time for the trophies to be handed out.  

He's VERY happy : ) 

The GEMS who participated.  
Congratulations to all of you.  

And the Cadets who participated. 
Congratulations to you toooo : ) 

Here's who won what.  order of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd I believe? 

Best Looking Car - GEMS

Best Looking Car - Cadets

Fastest Car - GEMS

Fastest Car - Cadets
West-Side Adam

And below are just lots of videos of the races. 
Look for your car and hopefully I was able to capture it.  


Calvin's Pizza and Games Night


Our Fellowship Committee here at Calvin continues to gather our church community together to allow us to get to know each other better. 

One event we haven't done for a while is our Pizza and games night.  

We held one again this past April 20th. 

We gathered in the fellowship hall at 6 p.m.  

We supply the pizza and snacks and those who show up provide the games to be played.  We had just enough pizza this time.  Whoot!! 

Phil and Jack were our organizers this time around.  
They did a great job.  

Seated and ready for prayer to start things off.  

Time for pizza!!!

Hmmmmm, what to have.....

Fellowshipping together. 

And then we let the games begin!! : ) 
It was nice to see all ages represented. 
Qwirkle was played here.  Easy to learn for any age.  

A colourful game, but I'm not sure what this one entails. 

A time to draw.

A time to play cards. 

Dutch Blitz played here.  
Usually it's a pretty fast game, but this group slowed things WAYYY down : ) 

More card games. 
I've never heard of this one either. 

Jenga is fun. 

And Ker Plunk was also enjoyed. 

A faster game of Dutch Blitz was done by this group. 

Things started to wind down eventually.  

The dedicated crew closing the place down.   

All in all a great event. 
Thanks to all who came out. 

Until next time!!!!!  : )