Monday, July 8, 2019

Cadets and GEMS making cub cars (May)

Our GEMS and Cadet groups had a good year this past ministry season. 

They cap the year off by making cub cars and racing each other.  

This year was like any other. 
Organized Chaos  : ) 

But they got their cars done and raced them a couple of weeks later
(I was not able to be there and forgot to get pictures from Chad.  My apologies). 

Enjoy the pics. 
They speak for themselves  : ) 

Calvin's Youth Group and the Love Bomb (June 4)

On June 4th, 5 youth and 5 adults from Calvin took some time to bless people in our city.  We did something called The Love Bomb.  a.k.a Love this City.  The idea wasn't mine.  It started in Aukland New Zeland many years ago.

Two groups fanned out and blessed random people.  The pics and short video explain how this works.  

We gave away carnations and chips and gum to the general public. 
To people who serve our city, like bus drivers, police, and paramedics, etc. we substituted fruitsations for the carnations.  Each packet had a card explaining what this was about and my contact info.   

This group spent about an hour at the Baseline Bus station.  When a bus approached Elizabeth, Emma and Katrina would be the last to board.  

And they would each give the bus driver one item and thank them for serving our city. Brought a smile to each driver's face.  One driver said it was the first time in 16 years that he had been thanked for his work.  

We also blessed people that were just waiting for the busses.  One person texted me that evening saying we had made his wife's evening.  What makes this sort of thing unique is way it's done.  The three pronged approach.   After the third time, you get a great big smile from most people.  : ) 

We then moved to a mall and blessed some employees at various stores.  Again, the same person getting 3 different items, in the span of 15 - 30 seconds, usually  : )

The last was always the carnation. 
 A nice ending touch.  : ) 

Here's a brief clip of how it works.  Normally we space it out a bit more, but these three decided to just move things right along  : ) 

We had lots left when we were done the evening so Katrina suggested we just place items on the cars in the parking lot.  

WHY NOT!  : ) 

All in all it was a great evening.  We learned lots about ourselves and others and it was neat to just touch lives in ways we may have no idea about.  

We will be doing this again July 27th 

We know this isn't everyone's idea of a good time, but if you want an easy way to do outreach with no gimmicks or pressure this is one sure way to give it a try in your youth group or church.

I just received a text the other day from someone who finally had to discard their carnation and was sad to do so because it reminded her each day that there were people in this world that were able to share love of self and of God with others.  Something she needed to be reminded of that evening we went out. 

Annual BIG GIVE - (June 1)

June 1 brought about another BIG GIVE event. 
We have been doing this for several years now. 
Simply giving things away to bless the community around us. 

The morning starts early to set up. 

 Tim once again helped with the car wash.  Whoot! 

And many others helped to get all the donated items outside and set everything up.  

Tim and Andy sharing stories and chillin.   

Almost time to start.   

We moved the donated items section to the back of the parking lot this time just to change things up.   

There was more stuff than I thought  : )  

Getting there.  

Prayer tent.  

Card making  

And so we begin and this guy got himself a nice scooter. 
He was very happy to have it.   

This year we had live music of all kinds. 
Thanks to all who contributed.   
Have a listen to some of the live band : ) 

The bike repair always seems busy.    

Card making persons getting ready to go.   

Ready for anyone who wishes to have prayer.   

The car wash was once again very busy too.  

And Andy still uses the same bucket to get those hard to reach places.  :) 

People came throughout the morning and slowly things were taken.  

And the band played. 

And the card making continued.   

And people like Sarah made sure things stayed organized at the tables.   

John was back again to play jazz and other music.    

We had baked goods of all kinds as well.  

Nisse played too.   

Those who have their bikes fixed are always grateful. 

JENGA is always a hit too. 

As is lunch  : ) 

Evert and Sandy were our cooks.  

The line was steady for lunch. 

Fred joined us again for a session.   

Lunch is served. Free of course. 

George and Leo (nice to see you here Leo) took over for a bit.   

And all the while the car wash went on.  
Some younger folks even got involved in the cleaning  : ).   

A well oiled machine thanks to Tim. 

Thanks to all who donated goods or their time to help bless those that came to this year's BIG GIVE.