Thursday, December 22, 2022

Calvin's Youth Group Christmas Party - Dec 2022


This past Tuesday we closed out our youth group 2022 ministry season by hosting our Christmas Party.  

As with COVID, we didn't have one for a couple of years.  

We met upstairs in the fellowship hall to start with. 
It was just myself and a couple of youth leaders sitting in the larger chairs, and then as people slowly came in, they just grabbed a chair and sat down and the circle got gradually bigger.  
Was interesting to watch : ) 
And it allowed us to start by reading the Christmas story together.  

Then I split the group up into 4 groups and we had some friendly competition.  
We started with a Christmas quiz of sorts.  
Guess the Christmas Carol and other minute facts about Christmas that people may not have known. 

As usual, some found the answers to some questions suspect, but hey, that's the nature of Quizzes, 
right Scott and Leif?   : ) 

Questions like 

24. Who tried to steal Christmas from the "Whos of Whoville" in the 1966 cartoon based on the Dr. Seuss Story?:

___The Grinch

___The Snowman

___Hattie Jacques

___Ian Holm


25. What was the film called in which Peter Auty sang Walking in the Air?:

___ The Grinch

___ The Snowman

___ Hattie Jacques

___ Ian Holm


26. What Christmas food is made from "marsh-whorts":

___ Stuffing

___ Sweet Potatos

___ Marshmellows

___ Cranberry sauce


27. Which ocean is Christmas Island in:

___ Pacific Ocean

___ Atlantic Ocean

___ Indian Ocean

___ Arctic Ocean

Then we played "Oh Christmas Tree" 
Minute to win it!
Every group gets a stack of 21 cups and they have to unstack them into a tree, and then restack them, all within a minute.  Oh, and only with one hand.   
Below are some of the pictures of that game.   

It can be done. 

Way to go Lennea

Next we played "Sort the Jube Jubes"
Red, Yellow, Black, Orange, and Green Jube Jubes are shaken up in a container and then they need to be sorted by colour in one minute.   

Most were able to do it in under a minute. 
Quite impressive. 
More pics below.  

Then it was on to "Stack Attack" - minute to win it. 
Each team was given 15 cups and 5 plates and they needed to reverse stack them. 
1 cup, then a plate. 
2 cups, then a plate
3 cups, then a plate
4 cups, then a plate
5 cups
All under a minute. 
Again, they did pretty well. 
I had them use one hand after a while to make it a bit more difficult. 

Pictures of their turns. 


And then....
Christmas Pictionary!!! 
We played several rounds of it. 
Sorry about that Mitchell : ) 

And yes, some may have eaten the Jube Jubes afterwards : ) 

We ended our time together with what is called the 
"left/right" game. 
I give out 4 gifts to people in the circle. 
I then read a story
Every time the word LEFT is used, the gift goes one person to the left. 
When RIGHT is used, Right. 
At the end of the story, the person with the gift gets the gift.  
We did that twice. 

As I figured out who the winners were, we had punch, hot apple cider, and Christmas treats. 

I decided to give the smallest group the winning prizes of Tim's Gift Cards.  
They did very well even though they came in last.  

oh, and as we cleaned up, some decided to make use of the cups one more time. : ) 

Friendly competition. 
Always ! : ) 

Until next year.