Friday, March 20, 2020

An evening with our Youth group at one of our Congregants homes. Whoot :)

This set of 5 posts comes at a time where self-isolation is now our norm.  A word not familiar to us just a week ago. 
I'm not sure what order these 5 posts will appear in, but I have time now to actually get to these past events and felt it ok to publish them to remind us of what was and what will once again be D.V.  
Our world is changing by the hour at times. 
Unprecedented times but our God is in control! 

So, enjoy the events, and if you want to go back and read about previous events, feel free : ) 
We all have more time on our hands for now. 

This is the first Sunday evening gathering of our youth group in the home of one of our Congregational members.  I offered that as an option about 1/2 way through our year to offer a time different from Tuesday evenings for gathering together.  The hope was to allow those who were having a harder time meeting with us on Tuesdays to come out and gather with us.  
The event was well attended, and we hope to offer this again once our world settles down and social distancing is no longer necessary.   

As the group entered the home of John and Annette, John put individuals to work preparing pizza ingredients.  

It almost looks like a pancake breakfast gathering. : ) 

John giving instructions.  

Adelle seems to be having fun? : ) 

Pepperoni.  Whoot.  

Not all were able to work...or wanted to? 
Not sure  : ) 

Getting there. 

Then John said, "If you aren't doing anything in the Kitchen, it's time to get out."  : )  So they did.  

Pineapples Kendra!!!! My fav!  

As the pizza's cooked, games broke out.  
Dutch Blitz.  

Settlers?  An older version. 

Emma getting the crusts ready.  

Grade 12's socializing over a game. 

Ready for toppings.  

Josh getting the sauce going.  An art : ) 

Ryne and Lewis putting on the pepperoni.  

The finished product. 

They turned out goooooodly  : ) 

We ate and played games at the same time.  

Code names?  

And a new game I forget the name of. 
But LOTS of fun. 

We were hoping to have another gathering in April, but things have definitely changed so that has been postponed.  
Hopefully, we will be able to hold this again sooner than later. 

Enjoy the other posts and any other posts you may want to go back to. 

Lots of great memories of events in the past.  : ) 

Youth Group Serving at the Ottawa Food Bank

On Tuesday, February 25th, we were privileged to be able to serve once again at the Ottawa Food Bank.  

Our group waiting for others to arrive.  

Our orientation time... 

...For the new persons in the group.  

Then we are set free to start sorting. 

So this group takes the food out of the donations bins 

This group packs the sorted food into boxes for distribution to food banks around Ottawa. 

Getting busy. 

Ella having fun, as usual.  

Still having fun : ) 

The group has to look for best before dates.  

Once the sorted bin is full it is pushed to the other group. 
This was the most fun for Ethan. 

Time to get those boxes filled.  

This is the way the sorted goods move. 

Eventually, a system starts to take form.  

With both groups. 

Where is that best before date????

Lennea having fun.  

This is what a donation box would look like coming from a grocery store.    

There's Ella again....

.....and again. 

....and AGAIN!  : ) 

Bruce joined us this time. 
He looks a wee bit puzzled.  : ) 

Those best before dates can be tricky to find.  

As Thomas is also discovering.  

Elizabeth figured it out.  Whoot.  

After about 1 1/4 hours of sorting, we were done. 
We sorted about 2000 lbs of food in that time

Time to clean up and disinfect.  

The food ready for sorting. 
With Covid-19 now upon us, this food will not go as far. 
Donate if you can.  

More storage.  

The group. 
A great group. 
I miss them.  : (  
Some different pictures below.  

Scott, I don't think you are allowed to do that to Thomas!

It was a good time sorting. 
Support the Ottawa Food Bank with Cash donations if you can. 
They will need those funds more than ever now!