Thursday, July 14, 2022

Young Adults Camping Weekend - July 2022


This past July 8 - 10 several young adults and I went camping at Fitzroy Provincial Park on one of their group campsites.  

We arrived Friday evening at a beautiful site. 

Setting up.  

My trailer is set up.  Food central : ) 

We had hotdogs to start with and Phil did a fine job of cooking them for us.  

We had a nice campfire that brought us into the evening hours. 

After a quiet night (except for my snoring apparently) it was time for bacon and eggs.   

Eating in the sun wasn't so bad.  

I did the cooking this weekend for the most part.  

The YA did the dishes. 
It took forever for Jonah and Jason to get done due to their theatric conversation as they did the dishes :) 

Others waited patiently :) 

For the morning we played group games. 
Washer toss...

A new game that Miranda brought along. 
Uses a frisbee and a sort of can that you need to get the frisbee into.  
I forget the name though

Not so easy to play it. 

Phil is trying to get the frisbee into the can for points.  

Bocche ball as well. 

Some more shots.  

A game of frisbee catch.  

And just socializing as well. 

Some group games.  

More bocce ball.  

Then lunch.  

A new thing I learned this weekend. 
Putting chips on ham and cheese sandwiches. 
I'm not a fan.  

Then we spent the afternoon at the beach.  Zack and Justin found a new friend to play soccer with : ) 

We played some volleyball as well. 

Then it was soon supper time. 
Spaghetti and meat sauce. 
Sarah helped me.  

Megan and Katrina are preparing veggies.  

The rest waiting patiently : ) 

Food is served!

And Gregg and Lauren did the dishes.  

More games.  

And then an evening fire with Smore's.  

Awaking to another glorious morning. 

I made pancakes 
(just add water kind, sorry John : ) ) 

Eating in the sun again. 

And dishes again.  

Then some left for home, and some went to the beach. 
We had wonderful weather and wonderful fellowship. 
Probably try again next year. 
Thanks to all who came out.  Hopefully next we can find a date that works for more of you all. 
Till next year!!! : )