Thursday, November 8, 2018

Nursery Clean up and collage in youth room

This past Tuesday several of our youth group did a Random Act of Kindness (RAKE)  and helped the nursery committee do some long overdue cleaning of the nursery. 

 We sorted books, got rid of toys no longer really being used, disinfected every square inch of the tables and walls and doors and baby room.  

Some also continued on our Collage of pictures of the past 9 years in the youth room.  

We washed LOTS of toys and disinfected them too.  

Our collage group has grown.  

Ryne's tower as we dried the toys.  
Almost to the roof.  : )  

 Collage completed....

For now  : )  

Thanks to those who came out and helped out in the nursery.  
Greatly appreciated.  

Classis Eastern Canada 2018 Fall Retreat @ Circle Square Ranch

Another Classis fall retreat is in the books. 
Once again at Circle Square Ranch in Arden. 

We had 65 people this time and yes, 
we had THE FIDGETS again too. 
They are a staple now.  : ) 

Nice group.  
We started out at 8 pm on the Friday night again.  
Fidgets, worship, speaker and games.  

The fidgets start things off as usual.  

Rock Paper Scissors once again. 
Sorry Rhys.  : ) 

Lennea, you aren't playing?  : ) 

Serious stuff.  

Michelle and Hannah. 
Who won? 

Must be paper?  

Ella and Elizabeth.  


One has her eyes closed, the other looking away. 
I'll take it ! 

A new game. 
Head, shoulders, knees, toes, cup! 

Someone calls out where to put your hands (head, shoulders, knees or toes) and randomly CUP is called and one of the two needs to grab the cup on the ground.  

Here's a clip of what should be happening. 

Here's the finals.  

More skits. 
THE FIDGETS are always fun.  

John from the FIDGETS was our speaker this time. 
He talked about our strongholds. 
The is a chain of things that hold us down. 
Heavy eh Joe. 
But he could get used to that chain if he had to.  

Good talks.  

After a snack it was games time! 

The group on the chairs got a lot smaller.  : )  

Social time after game time.  

At least they are both looking at the camera again, eh Ella and Katrina.  :) 

Joe catching up with Dave.  

Oh, and John...and Ella too!  

FINALLY Dave notices I'm there! 

A short sleep and then up for breakfast.  

Cinnamon rolls.  yummy! 

Nice noisy dining room.  

All in the family pic. 
Nice Elizabeth and Michelle and William.  

Calvin's Leaders that came along. 

Lots of great fellowship happens during the weekend.  

Dave just has to learn about personal space issues. : ) 

Who's behind the OJ pitcher? 


We switched things up this time and did our activities in the morning.  Horseback riding, archery tag, tree climbing, and FIDGET Training.  

After lunch John spoke again.  

Dave demonstrated the shame blanket.  

Have a look.  

Then we went outside for some group games. 
Ga Ga Ball.  
Dangerous sport : ) 

And Basketball
Equally dangerous when there's horse poop on the court.  
Looks like this basketball is headed for it.  : ( 

Whew, it missed.  

It was a weeee bit cold. 
My daughter made sure I was warm.  

And she took over my iphone and snapped the following pics.  

After Supper it was FIDGET night once again. 
Below are some clips of some of the sketches that were done.  Enjoy. 

Mr. Know it all - 

 Mr. Know it all - part 2

Mr. Know it all - part 3

This one needs a bit of explanation. 
John, Dave, and Chris are doing a skit in which there is a bomb in Athens needing defusing.  However, whenever the word Red/read is said, Dave needs to leave or come into the conversation.  If the word for or number four is mentioned, Chris needs to leave or enter, and if the word running is mentioned John (if he remembers) leaves or enters.  Enjoy the confusion. 

Sunday morning and the keeners who are actually awake.  : ) 

Someone didn't get enough sleep.  

The FIDGETS ended with their usual skit (but I forget what it's called).  :) 

And John finished off his talks.  

We went outside to burn those things that we had written down that were our strongholds.  

We then got a group picture
I was about to take it when these two came running.  

Take a look.  : ) 

Group shot

John's not using his big camera. 
Must be an off day : ) 

oh, another group shot.  : ) 

Before we left, THE FIDGETS signed posters. 
Quite popular it seems.  :)  

Corwin got his.  
Another great weekend. 
Great weather
Great fellowship
Great laughter
Great thought provoking talks
Great worship

Till next year  D.V.