Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Calvin's Youth Group Camping at Achray - Part 2

Welcome back.   

After we returned we spent some time at our beach. 

I think Peter is wondering if I'm taking a picture of him.

In actual fact I took THREE pics of him. : ) 

Snack time and time to soak up the sun. 
I ended up canoeing back from the falls. 
Was a nice canoe ride but a bit windy on the last stretch.  
I'm not sure I could do that for 6 hours a day like some of our avid canoeists in our group do. 

Annette soaking up the warm sunshine. 

Wow, lots of snack food eh.  : )

Time for a swim. 
Katrina said she would swim if I did, so I took her up on that challenge.  

What are you doing Kyra?  

Chillin and Chattin.  

Yes, I confess, I splashed Nicolette. 
Couldn't help it.  : ) 

Katrina with more scenery shots. 

And people shots.  

Hey Thomas. 

She didn't want to hug me, so I made her.  :) 

Turned into a brawl  : ) 

Our leaders who came along. 
Thanks for spending the weekend with our group.  

Peter getting some down time.  :) 

Supper needed to be made. 
Our crew doing just that. 



Caralynn (again) : ) 

Hannah making the noodles.  

Peace out.  

Peter and I chattin it up.  

Corbin seems happy. 

At least I'm now seeing what Katrina was doing with the camera.  : ) 

Veggies ready for the eatin.  

Caralynn  (AGAIN!)  : ) 
Yes, that's a tree.  Lots of them around here.  : ) 

Uh oh.  

Seems Caralynn was on the losing end of this one.   : ) 

Dinner is served. 
Spaghetti with meat sauce and veggies. 

Line up time.  

Looks like they are all enjoying it.  

Apparently it was Thomas' Bday on Saturday.  
Happy Bday Thomas.  

Ah, I see they forgave each other.  : ) 

Lots of Candles.  

Make a wish and...

out they go.  : )

Warming up over the stove as the water warms up for dishes.  

Dishes crew.  Under the great leadership of Peter. 

Awe, brother and sister love. 

So sweet. 

Annette's hand made tent. 
Yep, she made it herself.  
Pretty neat. 

Passing the time until camp fire. 

Nicolette looks really comfortable NOT! 

Good friends. 

Sunset pics.  

hmmm, this one seems out of order. 
Ah well. : ) 

Another cold night.  

With a warm camp fire. 
Katrina took a couple of nice pics...or was that me..hmmm

Can you see the face in this one? 

trying to stay warm. 

It was a COLD night.  
But morning eventually comes and who do I see making oatmeal again....PETER!  

Good morning.  


hmmmm, Nicolette. 
I'm concerned. : ) 

Christine is happy now.  
Gotta have that coffee. 
Last year I forgot the coffee....we won't go there will we Christine.  : ) 

OJ making. 

You look warm Lennea.  

Nicolette and Caralynn were up for pancake duty again.  

And Peter making his wonderful oatmeal again.  

I got to eat sooner for a change. 
And yes, I'm COLD! 

Nice pic Katrina.  

Lining up for breakfast.  

Get along you two.  

Here's what happens when I don't have the camera. 
Sorry about that.  : ) 

Nice morning shot.  

Annette giving pancake making instructions ?  : ) 

Dish detail.  

Hmmmm, Lennea finishing off the milk I think.  : ) 

After breakfast we took a short hike on Jack Pine trail to see the spot where Tom Thomson sketched a gnarled old Jack Pine in 1916.  Eventually it became his famous Canvas and now is hanging in the National Art Gallery in Ottawa.  I've not seen it there, have you? 

Christine getting us oriented.  

Waiting for the walk to begin.  

Among the pines.  

And we are off.  

Learning more about the Jack Pine Trail.  

Nice copy there Ella.  : ) 

Was a short hike.  

Here we are.  

Nice view.  

Nice rocks

Nice company. 

An explanation of the place.  

We had church here as well.  

And after church we just relaxed for a while. 

Talk to the hand.  

Look mom...a Pine Tree!!!! 

Oh, no, it's just Pastor Ron. Bahahaha ! 


So on the way back to the campsite I tried to teach Nicolette and Caralynn how to click your heels when you walk.  

What a hoot.  
They sort of could do it. 
Sort of.

We got back and packed up and headed for home. 
Was another great camping weekend. 
Next year again D.V.  
Hopefully a bit warmer.  

If you didn't see many pictures of Katrina, well, she was behind the scenes this time.  : )