Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Calvin's Youth Group on a home visit : )


Before COVID hit, we spent an evening as a youth group at the home of John and Annette.  It was a great time of food preparation and eating, and playing some games.  

Well, this year I thought it would be nice to bring that back again, and John and Annette were kind enough to agree to host us again.  


We arrived at 6 p.m. at their home.  
After waiting for everyone to actually get there, John put some of the group to work preparing the ingredients for our homemade pizza's. 

Leif and Shannon are hard at work.  

The rest of the group chilled and got to meet Preston, Tobie's "pet" : ) A wonderful Great Dane.  

Ethan is preparing ingredients for the salad.  

With Grant's help.  

Jason and Mitchelle frying up the bacon.  
yum yum. 

Just chillin 

Hey Preston! 


More youth involved in the prep. 

Lewis spreading the love : ) 

Elijah the same.  

While they were prepping, we played a card game called "Catch the ace" 

Emma, move your head : ) 
Some liked the game....others..well....not so much : ) 

The pizza was AMAZING! 
And then there were ice cream bars of sorts. 
Lennea helped with that.  

After all that, we spent a bit of time having John and Annette share their faith stories. 
Always uplifting.  

It was a fun time, and hopefully we can do it again in the new year. 
Right John and Annette ?? : ) 

Thanks to all the youth who came out and continue to get to know each other and learn from others in our faith community.  

Calvin's Christmas Party Returns after a 2-year absense. Whoot!!! : )


Saturday, November 26th.  

6 p.m. 

The start of an event that is a highlight in my ministry year. 

An event that has been absent in our church for two years due to COVID. 

BUT, not this year.  : )  


Our annual Calvin Christmas Party returned.  

It started a few days before with the putting up of our Christmas Tree.  Thanks Margaret and family for doing that.  

Then I purchased a few items to festive the place up.  

At 4 p.m. on Saturday it was time to set things up. 
Rachael and Justin and Phil gave me a hand.  
The help was GREATLY appreciated.  

Justin and Phil preparing for Pictionary - 
Christmas Style.  

The place is ready to receive our guests. 

The place settings. 
Just looks nice if you ask me. 

Rachael figuring out how to make punch. 
Seriously!! : ) 

We have arrived.   

So,  I asked everyone to wear something Red, or Green, and Pastor Craig, well...., he went all out : ) 
That jacket just needs some lights. : ) 

A panoramic of the group.  

We started off the evening with a get-to-know you game.  You had to find the person that the event applied to. 

A chance for people to just say hello again.  

And determine who may have done what.  
What follows are just some pics of that time.  

After the game, we sang a couple of Christmas Carols and prayed and it was time to set out our meal creations.  

Then, it was time to eat! 
Our first pot-luck in a looonnnggg time.  
Hopefully we will have many more.  

Hmmmm, Janene what are you doing? 

Each time is a new experience with new dishes. 
This time was no exception.  

Let the dining begin! 

After dinner we sang some Christmas Carols, read the Christmas story from the Gospel of Luke, and then played Christmas Pictionary!!!!  : ) 
I mixed up the tables a bit more, then each table had 2 minutes to guess as many things as could be drawn. At the end of two minutes, the table with the most drawn and guessed won.  
The prize?  
My undying admiration : ) 
We did several rounds. 

I think it was the highlight of the night for many. 

It was fun to watch everyone drawing away.  
How did you enjoy the game Rachael? : ) 
What follows are just some pics of Pictionary.  

I discovered some players can be a bit competitive : ) 

Evert began the task of doing the dishes.  
I guess Pictionary ain't his thing : ) 
And THANK YOU for pitching in! 

Dessert Time. 

Oh, and the gift table.  

After Dessert, it was time to gather in our circle/oval and get ready for the gift exchange. 
A game called the Left/Right story game. 
I handed out 6 gift boxes.  
Then read a story in which each time the word LEFT or RIGHT was mentioned, the gifts had to move left or right.  
Lots of fun to watch. 
Those having the gifts at the end of the story received a small gift. 
We did that twice.  

And then it was time for the gift exchange. 
I called out two numbers at a time this time so things would go a bit faster. 

It seems someone wanted Pastor Craig's Jacket more than the gifts : ) 

Almost at the end.  

The last round saw A LOT of trading.  
Was fun to watch : ) 

We ended with another Christmas carol and a prayer and then cleaned up and off we went. 

All in All, another Successful time. 
See you again next year, D.V.  : )