Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Care Package Preparation - Jan 2020

January brings about a fun event in the life of our youth group and church. 
We gather together items to put into care packages for College and University Students. 
We have done this for many years now, and this year was just as fun as the last ones  : ) 

After the donations and purchases are done we gather on a Tuesday and start the process of bringing everything down to the basement for assembly.  Pastor Craig graciously decided to give us a hand this year, but didn't feel like walking up and down the stairs I guess, so he used a cart and the elevator  : ) 

First we needed to tape the bottom of the boxes.  
All 175 of them  : ) 

Others began to make personalized cards.  

The boxes are laid out 

It's a lot of boxes  : ) 

That tape can be a bit tricky, eh Ryne?  

Almost done that part. 

Then it was time to pack a Bible, Popcorn packets, and oatmeal packets so that the box is bottom heavy.  

Hi Elizabeth.  
Not done yet? 

The card makers quietly going about their card making.  

And so the packing begins. 

Pastor Craig became a masterful box opener.  

And hander-offer (is that a proper phrase?) to those needing items.  

Looks cool. 

They start to take shape.  

A bunch of busy bees in the hive.  

Daniel has the right idea. 
Put what you need in your pockets and deliver as needed.  : ) 

Lewis is having fun.  : ) 

Pastor Craig and Scott take some time to catch up on politics.  : ) 

Most of the contents of the box.  

Time to seal them as they are completed. 

As the boxes were completed I had some of the preparers join the card makers.  Some were ok with that, others..well..  : ) 

Things are heating up in the card making department. 
Creative minds take time  : ) 

So this year, on good advice from Scott, we did not wrap the boxes after closing them up. 
We just sealed them and put on them, 
"With Love" and a : ) 

I think it was a good suggestion.  

The wall of love taking shape  : ) 

And the card makers press on. 

Some of their creations. 

Quite good actually.  

Yes Pastor Craig, that's a box.  : ) 

Thomas decided it would be good to enlighten some students on the importance of mathematical equations. 
I hope those who receive these appreciates his work.   : ) 

Daniel had to leave early so I got a pic with him beside the growing wall of Love.  
Thanks for coming out to help Daniel.  Whoot. 

We FINALLY finished things up at 9 pm and closed things out with our group shot that's become a sort of a tradition.  
William becomes his own twin. 
I use the pano on my camera and William runs out of the pic and back in on the other side. 
It took a few tries to get it to work, however.  : ) 
Have a look. 

You can see William's flash body right in the middle here.  : ) 

An interesting shot.  

They are still smiling, but in reality, they are sick of me messing up the shots.  : ) 

Yeah, yeah, I know. 
Another goof up. 

FINALLY, it worked. 

And here they are.  Ready to be given out to college/university students. 
I love that part  : ) 

Thanks to ALL who donated items or funds to help make this a reality once again.