Friday, February 29, 2008

Acts of Service

One of the elements of our mission trip was to give back to our church community in acts of service since they have been supporting us through prayer and donations.

We posted our intentions to serve anyone who wished to be served in any way. We were able to do that in two ways. The first was to offer childcare to a couple in Calvin who wished to go Christmas shopping.

The second was to spend several hours raking ALOT of leaves at the Vlaming residence. Boy, was there alot of leaves. However, several people of the team came out and we enjoyed a wonderful fall morning raking leaves. We also enjoyed some wonderful cinnamon roles and hot chocolate. It was fun to be of service.

Initial Planning for Peru Trip

Over 1 year ago the planning began for another mission trip to Peru. Back in 2006 we went for the first time with our church to Peru. 31 people in total. We partnered with Barrhaven CRC at the time. This year we have 26 people going. About ½ are adults. The other ½ young people. Most are from Calvin, but some are not. We go with FRONTLINE PERU ministries. You can find their organization at

Our initial planning involved getting the group selected. It took several weeks, but eventually the 26 individuals came forward with interest in going. A couple of the group are friends of YP from Calvin CRC.

Once the group was selected, we embarked on meeting once per month for orientation sessions. They included reading a great mission book and discussing it at each meeting time. We saw pictures of our previous trip to get people excited about going.

We met with a travel medicine doctor to line up the wonderful immunizations that were necessary in order to prevent illness during our trip.

We have also been fundraising (see another entry) in different ways to raise the $1895.00 necessary to go. To date we have pretty much raised all of those funds with one more small fundraiser to go. We are thankful for this.

In another entry I’ll tell you more about what we will be doing, etc.

See you later.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

My first blog entry

Hi! This is pastor Ron's new blog -- set up so that I can keep you up to date with our upcoming trip to Peru.

I've posted some pictures from our preparations -- our craft preparations and our coffee house evening.

Stay posted for more to come.