Saturday, December 24, 2016

CIA and ETM Christmas Party

As Christmas approaches our youth group tries to do something nice for our seniors.   

A week before our Christmas party we go to Extendicare Nursing home if we can to sing Christmas carols.  
Not all of us like to go : ) but those that do do enjoy it. 
It's nice to bring Christmas cheer into the lives of people who don't get too many visitors.   

One week later we held our annual Christmas party. 
This year we began by singing Christmas carols together. 
Then we had some fun with games, games, and more games. 

We started with the mitten and Hershey's Kiss game. 
Ben, is that a turkey on your head???

You put the oven mits on and then you attempt to grab a Hershy's kiss out of the basket and unwrap it and eat it and then run back so the next person can do it.  

Lots of fun. 

Rhys, don't give Ella instructions, get unwrapping.  : ) 

Oops, Shauna dropped it.   : )

You can do it Katrina

uh, oh, Kevin's getting into it.  

Kyle and Ryan in competition. 

What's wrong Rosy : )

Sister rivalry.  : )
A fun game.  

Then it was time for Christmas Pictionary. 

Lost of fun to watch.  Lucy's team won all three times. 
Rigged.  : )

Then in a circle for the LEFT and RIGHT game. 
Three gifts placed in the circle and they move LEFT and RIGHT according to a story. 
The one with the gift at the end of the story gets to keep it.  

We also played the stocking antler game

Blow up the balloons and place into stockings to make antlers.  

There is a trick to success.  

Ella giving Ryan tips.  : )

Hmmm Rhys, that's not going to fit into the stocking. : )

The end result. : )


Nice Daniel

And Ella

Cute Nicolette.  

I kind of liked this game. 

We ended with food and watching THE GRINCH. 
I actually forgot the recent copy at home, so we watched an old verion. VERY old. : ) 
But some enjoyed it very much.  

Another simply fun night with our youth. 
Have a Merry Christmas with family and friends this holiday season. 
See you in 2017.