Tuesday, June 7, 2022

The BIG GIVE 2022 - It's B A C K !!!!!! : )


June 4, 2022

Calvin hosted this great event for the first time in three years.  

It's nice to be doing this again. 

We started to set up at 7:30 a.m.  

Well, that's when I arrived. There were people already setting up at that time : ) 


Lots of items to bring out. 

Chad.  So strong : ) 

Table after table to bring outside. 

We put up a few shelters to shield from the sun.  

More tables.  

Things starting to take shape.  

Coordinating things.  

Almost ready.  

Bruce making sure our shelters don't blow away. 
It was a windy day.  
He was putting rope onto some barbells.  

The bike repair tent was back again.

The gentleman on the right donated 21 bikes to our Big Give and they ALL went.  

What a blessing.   

And Megan led the Craft Tent.  

Nice cards for people to work on.  

Prayer Tent is also back. 

And our snack tent. 

They were yummy : ) 

We started at about 8:45 a.m. 

People were waiting : )

Mouy and daughter helping out wherever needed. 

No, really.  : )  

Julie and family are a bit camera shy : ) 

That's better.  

And the browsing begins! 

Fred, and others, entertained us with their musical talents.  

I'm drawn to that snack tent : ) 

The bike repair shelter was busy for much of the time. 

Scott helped by answering questions about these items as people browsed.  

We had the Sunday School kids plant vegetable plants several weeks ago,  and they also went for free today.   

We held our FREE car wash again too.  : ) 
Phil, and others, took turns letting people know.  

It was a steady stream of cars for a couple of hours.  

A long view.  

It was a bit cool and windy, but this crew did an awesome job washing. 

Mouy giving the car wash people pointers : ) 

It seemed to work : ) 

The place is bustling.  

Sandy getting ready to cook burgers and dogs.  

Scott, ever the helper.  

Nice cards.  

Let the cooking begin! 

The food area was popular : ) 

John and Jeremy blessed us with their musical gifts. 

The runway to the car wash area.  

The bike repairs keep on going. 

Our organizer, Lena. 

Noooo, she's not shy : ) 

One of the original organizers of this great idea is on the left with Joycegina, one of our prayer partners.   

Bruce taking a break from car washing.  

A well-deserved rest. 

Oh, I see Phil did some cooking too.  

Scott is ready and able to help at a moment's notice. 

And we end with the Car wash again. 

It was a wonderful day, with lots of people blessed in ways we have no idea about.   

Here's hoping we can do it again next year!!!  


Thursday, June 2, 2022

Flower Pots for Calvin's Business Community - Come and Gone

The Outreach Committee and friends 
built flower boxes from scratch. 

These flower boxes will be put at Calvin's neighbour's property and visible from Merivale Road.

We hope that this will enhance the stretch of Merivale Road where Calvin is located.

One tree was cut down. Another one was already down.

Loading the truck

Milling the wood.

A truckload of boards. Ready to be dried over the winter.

The assembly phase

The assembled product

Staining the Planters

Filling the Planters


The planters on Merivale Road

The boxes must have been very attractive, 
as they were stolen overnight.
Only some flowers and the soil was left behind.
And the sticker, indicating “Property of Calvin Church”

On the positive side …
Three flower boxes were donated to the 
Parkdale Food Centre.
They were first used for a memorial service of Pat MacLeod, the unofficial major of Hintonburg.
Two flower boxes were donated to two friends who donated their expertise at no charge. (Milling & design)

Calvin’s neighbours loved the idea of having planters.
Some encouraged us to do it again, 
but maybe with concrete planters.

Good relationship with Calvin’s neighbours was reinforced!

And it was fun to work together on this project!