Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Soul Care Retreat - Feb 2015 - Calvin's Youth Leaders

Every February, Ontario Youth Workers, paid and volunteer, get together for our annual SoulCare retreat. 

Once again it was held in Hamilton at the Mount Mary Retreat Centre. Calvin's Youth Leaders (Kevin, Jeannine, and Elayna, and Barrhaven's Miriam) came with me. 

The chairs haven't changed much in the past year.  

Nor has Syd.  : ) 

We had 3 different speakers once again. 
One likes to use pottery.  

If I would have done this blog entry sooner, (and if I had the information that is currently in my office), I'd know the name of this person, but she did a wonderful job of walking us through how ministry affects our lives.  

She placed three chairs in the room to represent the trinity and it's presence in our lives. 

She poured out some water...  

And instructed us to take a piece of dry pottery.  

We were to dip it in the water to feel the difference in texture and reshape it into something else. 
Then we were to journal about how that experience worked in our youth ministry lives.  

Time to clean up.  

Viola music was an added bonus.  

Time to clean up from our cleaning up.  : ) 

The group relaxing after our Friday night speaker.  
We had about 45 present, close to the same numbers as last year.  

Kevin was my bunk mate again this year.
This is our room.  

After a good night's sleep it was off to breakfast down the street. 

A beautiful, snowy morning...

But a little on the crisp side.

Coffee and juice being made...

and Jeanine tolerating my picture taking. : ) 

The food, as usual, was very good. 

As you can tell.

As was the company.....hmmmm

I look tired......but coffee is good.  

Our small group in the dining area.  

Dan and Joe.  

Kevin settling in for the morning speaker. 

Our group, ready to go. 

Symbols/Visual aids to be used.  

Syd giving his talk...  

and then breaking us off into small groups.  


Before you know it, it's lunch time. 

Dan, you look cold. 

Lunch is served.  

Good fellowship around the table.

And good food....yummy.  

It snowed overnight.  

During our afternoon free time, I went with Jeannine to see if we could get her car started. 
It refused to start.  
I tried, but was of no help. 
Sorry about that, but your car was sicker than I thought.  

Relaxing during free time. 

Kevin finding some time to read...  

and time to play a board game. 
I tried playing, but I just don't get some board games.... 

Before you knew it, supper time.  : )

Another great meal.  

Kevin and Elayna waiting for the rest of us. 

FINALLY someone gets me in an eating shot.  : ) 

Where do the dirty dishes go?  

Dan checking his phone... I can tell by the glow on his face.  

Kevin and Joe catching up. 

Jeannine and Elayna...just being themselves. 

Enough said.

This one's out of order. Game playing during free time.  

Syd gathering the group together for our evening session.  

We once again had three very different speakers talk about three different areas where we could get soul care.  
I always enjoy this weekend for what it offers us in youth ministry.  

Jeannine making her blanket to stay warm during the weekend.  : )

Fellowship time after the speaker was finished.  

Those chairs are so relaxing.  
Several of us went out after our speaker to fellowship a favourite local pub. The food was amazing, but the music was a bit loud.  : ) 

And before you knew it, it was breakfast time. 

What is Jeannine doing?  

We ended our morning with church and communion.  

We gathered in a circle as Syd and I served. 

All in all, it was another great weekend away with my youth leaders and other leaders.  
I look forward to the next one in January 2016.