Thursday, June 26, 2014

GEMS Ice Cream Social

So, it's been a bit of time since I've posted something on my blog.  It's been a busy spring, but before SERVE begins, I wanted to get some entries in that cover the finalizing of some of our ministries.  I tried to place them in order of appearance, but apparently that didn't work this time.  There is a two parter entry, so make sure you locate parts 1 & 2.  : )  

As the GEMS year comes to a conclusion, there are some fun events that happen.  
This one describes yet another ice cream social. 
Christine is the narrator on this one.   

Ella being Ella. 
Notice that mom in the background is oblivious.  

Hannah helped set up the Kub Kars.  
They had to be lined up 'just so!'

The GEMS can invite one or two special women or girls.
Her's Elizabeth with her mom and sister. 

Are they dancing or playing a game?
Maybe both.  : ) 

The girls were inspecting their cars.
The excitement to race was building. 

We had a fierce battle of "Bear, Hunter, Snake"
(a twist on Rock, Paper, Scissors).  
The moms really enjoyed this game too. 

A popular game of "Shazam!"
Ask Morrisa about her experience with this game sometime. 
She just about had a heart attack!  

A bit of time to just chat while waiting for Ice Cream.

Finally, Ice Cream!
And LOTS of toppings!

We ended the evening with the big races. 

The competition got a little tense at times.  

A clear winner here. 

A pink car.  If you know Elizabeth at all, then you know that it is most definitely hers.  

Everyone had a great time at the social, as always. : )

Ben's Graduation Dinner

We started a tradition a couple of years ago of celebrating our grade 12 graduates by doing something special for them at the end of the school year. 

You can read about past years in this blog. 
This year was no exception, but the event was unique...because....

...well, we only had 1 grade 12 graduate this year. 
Ben (far right..cheesy smile). 

....oh, there he is again.  
Well, even with one graduate, we are going to CELEBRATE. 

And celebrate we did.
5 adult to 1 YP ratio...pretty good if you ask me. : )  

Ben likes THE WORKS, so that's where we ended up going. 
Ben can't have peanut butter at home, due to one of his sisters being allergic, so tonight was peanut butter night. 
A peanut butter shake to start things off.  

We also signed a card for Ben and gave him a book as a gift.  

There's that dashing glance he gives whenever he is photographed. 
I think that look should be copyrighted, 
or would that be patented...hmmm
...what do you think Ben?  

THE WORKS makes THE BEST Burgers. 
Here's mine....bacon with cheese stuffed inside.  

Ben had bacon as well, but I think there was peanut butter somewhere in that burger too.  

A close up view. 

We had a wonderful time with Ben. 
We hope he did too. 
May God Bless you Ben as you move on to university now. 
We will miss you in youth group.  

Calvin's Softball Team in Action Again

As many ministries wind down at Calvin, 
there is one that is gearing up for the summer. 
Softball, or 3 pitch, as some like to call it. 
Calvin is once again playing in the 
Ottawa Christian Softball league. 

Things got off to a rough start due to the late spring, and rain.  The baseball diamonds were not ready until just a couple of weeks ago.  I think we missed 3 Friday's.  

Chris, my son, decided to come out on our first night of play and take pictures.  

He took LOTS, as he likes to do, but many of them turned out really well, so I thought I do a blog entry about the team at the beginning of the season this time. 

We usually arrive at the diamond between 6 and 6:30 pm for warm ups.  Here are Sid and Chris, not my son, throwing the ball to loosen up those rusty arms.  

After setting up the bases (if you are the home team) and warming up using various methods (some like to run, some like to stretch, some don't do anything) we gather the two teams together, say a prayer and it's time to "Play Ball!".  

Here's Eric pitching to us...we supply our own pitcher.  

I have been placed in the outfield for this game.  Not because I was bad or anything (at least I don't think so: ) )  I requested it at the end of last year as a change of pace.  So here I am...ready for the first hit of the season....

And low and behold...A pop fly right to me.   
What grace eh!  : ) 

I caught it though...that's ALL that counts!  

Rachel up to bat after that inning ended.  

Peter getting ready to....

Swing....and a hit.
Eric hitting one.... a bit high.... : ) 

Christine making the connection between bat and ball. 

Sid making sure the runners don't advance.  

Our three trusty bats.  
I like the blue aluminum one.  
A bit heavier than the others.  

Nice catch Eric.  

Chris running after a grounder in the outfield.  
I probably was too lazy to go after that one, so he took up the slack for me.  : ) 

Andy, ready to run the bases.  

My trusty glove.  
I've had this glove for about 35 years now. 
I've put new leather string in it a couple of times.  
Nothing like a broken in 
[ not broken!] 
glove to play with. : )

Peter looking happy...until about 1/2 way through the game, when he threw his back out....sigh....

Megan is hitting much better this year.  
Practice, practice.  

Ready to come home.....

Wilma ready at 2nd base. 

Nice catch.  

Eric continues to be our foundational pitcher.  

Apparently I can hit too. 
I got a home run the other night....first one an a LOOONNNGG time.  : )

I also blundered the last game by stepping off the base as the batter was swinging, but didn't make contact. 
Can't do that in this league..that's a lead-off.  Sigh.  

Wilma swings...

And makes it to first..
You can JUST see the ball coming to the first base catcher on the left of the picture.  
Way to run it out Wilma.  

Sid hasn't played softball in a looongggg
time apparently.  
He too ended up pulling some leg muscles and was out for a couple of games...
WARM up people!!!  : ) 

Andy at first base.  
At times the sun can be a real problem for a first base catcher.  Andy knows this all too well.  : ) 

Peter making contact...
back must still be good here... : ) 

Chris getting other pictures as we move between innings.  

Some outfield shots..
Me throwing to third.  

Chris, not my son, catching a grounder. 

Peter...just before his back went out..I think.  

Nice hit, Chris, not my son.  

Two middle aged men
wondering why we play this game : ) 
No talking...just thoughts of the upcoming inning in the outfield running [pun intended] through our heads.  

George also pitches for us at times.  

First base.  
The white is for the catcher...
the orange is for the runner...
the two are not supposed to meet...but sometimes they do.  

Andy getting one of the throws to first base that wasn't QUITE to him.  : )

Such emotion in that throw Andy.  : )   

Great catch....
Chris, not my son. : ) 

She's safe.....

but decides to run....

and run.....

....and she's out! : (  

I think this was Sandy swinging the bat.  

Great in-fielding this year as well. 
We have improved as a team this year it seems. 


Before you know it, the game is over.  
I think we won this game.
Each team shakes hands (or high fives) and we go through the rotation so we can do it to each other as well.  
I always enjoy that part.  Nice and festive.  

You can see we are having fun.  

No matter if we win or lose, 
it's just fun to play and be in the outdoors. 
Don't you think team?!!!

We need to clean up the bases once the game is over. 
Thanks Rachel for helping out.  

At the end of this game a foul ball ended up in the bushes behind the back stop...more of a pond at the moment.  

George was the brave one to go after the ball. 
Way to go George! 

So, game over. 

We look forward to a great season again this year, though we have had to deal with injuries already. In this game alone, Peter, Sid, and Andy pulled one muscle or another....hmmmmm

But I digress.  
Come out and watch us sometime if you'd like. 
If you want to know when and where our games are going to be played, or how we are doing in the standings, 
click on this link: