Monday, December 30, 2013

Opening Event - CIA/ETM - Sept 7th

Greetings all readers of this Blog. 

Yes it's been some time since I've been able to post anything.  It's been quite busy being sole Pastor, with no other Pastor to share the ministry load at Calvin.  However, I'm trying to squeeze the time in before the end of the year to publish several posts that are long overdue.  So, read on, and follow the many other recent events that have happened in our youth ministry and other areas of ministry in Calvin's church community. 

We start with this blog entry.  The kick off event for our Christians In Action (CIA - Grades 9 - 12) and Early Teen Ministry (ETM - Grade 7 & 8) groups.  

We have gone camping for kick off events, but this year, most of my leaders were unable to make it, so plan B was   bowling followed by a scavenger hunt.

We arrived at Merivale Bowling Lanes in the morning and set to work getting our shoes. 

Nicolette (with one L) looks a bit cold.  

Once we got our shoes, it was time to set up the groups and get bowling!!
This is a shot without the flash. You get an idea of how dark it can be bowling.  For me that's a problem.  : ) Hard to see the end of the lane with the pins.

This is a shot with the flash.  
Much better to see.
It took awhile to get the names entered... and many used "other" names.  : )

5 pin bowling.  
Not my best sport, and apparently not other people's either.  

We began to bowl...

...and it was a good thing we put up the bumpers.

Apparently the seats weren't good enough for Samantha.  She needed to see the action up close and personal.    

Janika ran up for her turn every time. 
Full of energy she is.

As you can tell from this picture, (if you click on it to make it bigger) you will see that people get pretty creative with their names.  

Someone must have gotten a strike....Janika looks shocked.  

My turn.....I can feel my shoulders getting sore already. 

Sandy and I clapping to encourage that person who got that strike.....  : ) 

After bowling (some did well, others, like me, did not) we headed to the Woodroffe OC Transpo Park n Ride to catch the 95 for downtown.  
Nicolette and Lucy seem to be having fun...
Samantha seems to be tolerating them. 

Nice tonsils Janika.  
The group sure is excited to be going downtown.  : ) 

Waiting for the bus.  

Waiting to get ON the bus.  
We packed it out.  

Sarah with Cecilia. 
STILL waiting to get on the bus. 
The bus driver was very friendly though. 
He asked me what we were doing, and why, and we talked most of the way down.  So much so that he almost missed a couple of his stops.  : )

Everyone getting cozy on the bus.  

Everyone noticing I'm actually taking a picture of them now. 

Off the bus at Bank and we start the walk to Parliament Hill.  

There were a lot of us! 

Once at Parliament Hill I handed out the scavenger hunt pages and gave each group a pen and a zip lock bag and set them loose for about 2 hours 45 minutes.  Below are some of the pictures showing what they had to do.  

Group #1

Lucy petting someone else's dog. 

Hey, Mel, your  

Had to get a picture with a moose...
way to go Janika. 

Here's the store where they found the moose.  

Needed to find a certain meal in the mall food court. 

Get a picture on one of the tour buses.  

Looks like Shauna is singing here, 
(and maybe she is), but that wasn't 
what she was supposed to be doing here.  

Picture with an RCMP officer.  
They were very cooperative.  

Pictures with the Sisters.

Each group had to make a word.
Can you guess what the word is?
I couldn't.  
I asked Sarah...she said the word was "hill", but the lady taking the picture cut off one person, and they spelled the word in reverse....must know Hebrew or something.  : )

Group #2
So you get the idea of the pictures.  I'll comment on the rest of the groups if I see something worthy of commenting on...otherwise, just enjoy the pictures. 

You will notice in this group's set of pictures that Samantha seems to be the only one who was willing to be in the pictures.....what team spirit!

Hmmmm, I don't recall asking for a partially eaten Oreo cookie. 

Ah, Ryan decided to pose for a picture...way to go Ryan.  

Group #3

Group #4

only needed one of you in that picture.

Guess the word?  
I couldn't...again : ) 

Needed a picture of a family with at least 4 kids. 
This is an energetic family....with a crazy dad. 
Love it.  

Once this group was done, it was time for some selfies.

Laura relaxing.  
Strange group if you ask me.  : ) 

Group #5

What are you doing Alexa? 

Hey are famous!

Michelle walking someone else's dog. 

Hey, that's the same RCMP officer.  
How nice. 

The groups all arrived pretty much on time.  
I forget which group was 3 months ago after all.  
All had fun, and as you can tell,
 all were pretty tired after their walking.  

We got to witness a demonstration on Parliament hill. 

Time to head back to the buses. 

We waited for a short time, but eventually all arrived safe and sound back at Baseline station.  Thanks to all the students who came and helped make this a fun day.
  Thanks also to the parents who came out
     and helped with driving and chaperoning.