Thursday, October 2, 2014

CIA/ETM Camping Kick-off event at Achray P.P. - Part #2

PART 2. 

This place is beautiful. 
A natural, gentle waterfall that doubles as a water slide.  

Here's Christine after going down once.  

The current is pretty strong, depending on where you go down.  It shoots you out pretty good. 

Some were slower to get into the water than others.  

Annette carried some younger folk's backpack.  
She's such a nice person.  : ) 
The canoe group has not yet arrived. BTW. 

Getting out of the water is not as easy as it looks.  
You need this rope, [supplied by who knows who] to actually get out.  

More people getting ready to take the plunge.  

A nice picture of Sarah and Laura.  

Soooo, there were LOTS of pictures taken of this time at the falls, so I'm just going to let you pa-rouse them and if I want to add a comment somewhere I will.....

The first one going down is my daughter Katrina...I think.  : )

Elayna trying to look all muscle like....
William doesn't even have to try.  : ) 

Right into the thick of the current.  

Kevin...look out!!! 

I hope you aren't wearing your glasses Christine.  

Sarah....are you ok?  

Get ready...
get set....

Just after the slide you can swim a bit further and enjoy the calm water.  

You can also walk to see another water falls, but we don't suggest you go down that one.  : ) 

The canoe group finally showed up and it's their turn to get wet.  

hmmmm, not a nice face Elayna.....

Lunch time.....

You can take a jump off a small cliff behind this falls and then swim to the falls.  
I did that with Peter, seen here. 
He's donned his gopro and video'd his trip. 
I cut myself on sharp rocks....not happy.  

Looks like Peter is having fun! 

Be careful oh daughter of mine.  : ) 

Just hanging out in the water.  
The temperature was very nice.  

Hey Cheryl.  
I don't think she wanted to swim today.  

Chris, (not my son) that's mature.  

You could cross at the top of the falls to get back to our side, but you had to be careful.  Those wet rocks are very slippery.  

Finally Chris decides to take a swim.  

This is that small cliff you can jump off. 

In case you are wondering, no I did NOT put my camera in the water.  : ) 
Caralynn brought a waterproof one along. 
Thanks for passing along these pics for us to see.  

Everyone having fun.  

That does not look comfortable to me.  

You could get out of the water on the other side using this rope, or climbing out, but it wasn't easy.  

Elayna getting some shut eye.  

Cheryl and Kevin deep in conversation. 
Camping trips are good for that.  

After about four hours we were done and it was time to head back to camp.  Supper time was approaching after all. 
Here are the canoe people (some different than on the way up) heading off.  

See you soon Peter.  

We hiked back...and it wasn't easy for us after all that fun at the water slide.  

The final two canoes heading out.  

Supper consisted of spaghetti with meat, and fresh veggies. 
Elayna doesn't look very happy being the one to cut up the peppers.  

We got the water started, knowing that we had a good hour before the canoes came back to us.  

Not much to do except watch the water boil and heat up the sauce with meat (and one sauce without meat : ) ) .

Annette just LOVES to camp, and she's a great help too.  


Before we knew it, we were ready to eat.  

Not bad, eh Peter??

The group spread out to partake of their supper delight. 

And then it was time for the dreaded dishes. 
The boys turn, with Cheryl and Annette giving pointers...believe me...the boys needed them.  : ) 

During that time Christine and I, and eventually Peter, played Cribbage.  I LOVE that game. Don't mind losing to it either, which I did....twice...but I'm not bitter...noooooo

Eventually night fell, and we had our campfire.  

A great time of fun and sharing, and more hotdogs...yes, people were still hungry after dinner (apparently I need to get more noodles next time.  )  

At 10:30 ish, everyone was off to bed again.
What's with THAT!  Again. 
Just Kevin and me by the fire.  So unusual.  

After a quieter night (oh, I forgot to mention that the night before it was pretty windy out and the sound of the wind moving through all those trees is deafening at times) it was Sunday morning. 
A glorious morning. 

Breakfast this morning was a meager portion of oatmeal (need to get more next time eh Peter) and pancakes with REAL Syrup and fake syrup, which apparently some of our group actually like...yuck!  

Once again kitchen help was great.  
Thanks Christine and others.  

Cheryl and Annette enjoying the oatmeal. 
They ended up having to do the 1 hour hike again (so 2 hours) to see if they could find a paddle that we left behind accidentally.  

While they walked, we ate.  :) 
The patient  lineup for pancakes.  

Kevin enjoying himself.  

And dishes time once again.  

Christine catching up on reading.  

Peter just relaxing and taking it all in. 

What a raging campfire you have going there guys.  : ) 
Nice tonsils  Chris (not my son).  

As dishes were being finished people went for small canoe rides....

and dipped their feet in the lake.  

It was a beautiful sunny Sunday.  

Some of us found different ways to sit on the sandy beach.  

We had church on the beach.  

I read some modern day parables and explanations about them.  

Awe, a brother/sister moment.  

After church there was free time.  

Going swimming Janika? 

Kevin and Simon soloed in the canoes.  

Some just hung out. 

Others swam.  

Kevin, are you going to tip?

Don't fall Chris (not my son).  

Sarah and others taking "The Tank" out for  a spin.  

Simon does very well in a canoe. 
He can even pop a wheely.....  :) 


After free time it was lunch time. 
Soup, left over eggs and bologna, and I  had forgotten about the cucumbers and they actually froze in my trailer fridge so....

Kevin got creative and fried them up.  

A bit of oil, some secret spices I had, and voila.  
Didn't taste too bad, and they all went.  Amazing. : ) 

Time to dig in! 

After lunch it was time to clean up, pack up, and head for home.  We were off the sites exactly at 2 pm, and people were waiting in line behind us to get on them.  It's such a quiet and beautiful park, I don't blame them.  

So, a beautiful sunny weekend with some great youth and adults to start off our ministry season. 

Thanks to all our adults who came

And to our youth, who if they didn't come, would have made for a much less entertaining weekend.  : )