Monday, June 11, 2012

Blessing Pastor Sergio and his Family

Before we left Gamaliel church, we had the privilege of giving a gift to Pastor Sergio of shoes and a pack for his books and computer.  

We also wanted to bless the rest of his family, so we asked Pastor Sergio and Felicitas what their daughter could use.  A bed and dresser came out, so we gave funds to allow for that purchase to happen. 

We also gave some money so that Felicitas could be blessed  as well.  Below is a letter from Pastor Sergio, and some pictures of what was purchased.  It's always a blessing to be a blessing.  Thanks Peru Team of 2012 for allowing this blessing to happen to a very deserving family that serves God with all their heart, soul, mind and strength.......

Pastor Ron, 

May our Most High God pour out his great blessings on your life, your family, and the Calvin Church. I am happy to write to you, and I hope that you and your family are doing well. 

Winter has begun here in Pachacutec, and it is a very cold and humid time. 

I am now taking a course about the book of Genesis, and I have heard that the climate before the flood was universal, it was different. It was a unique climate; the land was covered with a layer of vapor that protected the earth. It may have been an ideal climate. And for that reason, people in that time lived to be more than 900 years old. While that was in the past, it makes me excited to think about that in the future, God is going to restore the earth, and we will return once again to having an excellent climate. In reality, in winter or in whatever other climate, may the Lord be glorified! We continue to glorify him with our lives. 

I am happy to have a brother in Christ and a friend like you. And above all of that, the Lord has chosen you as His faithful servant. Without a doubt, you continue your role as a faithful servant, and that is how it will be until the end. Your life is an encouragement to me and also to the church. Calvin Church is a good example of service and love. I reiterate my gratitude and thanks for considering me your friend. Thank you for all of the blessings you have given me. I am using my briefcase, and I really like it a lot. I also really like my shoes! Thank you for the laptop as well -- it is very nice. I am very happy. 

Felicitas is happy for the blessing she received. She bought a briefcase, reading glasses (she didn't see so well anymore) and a cellular phone. Thank you. 

Genesis is more than happy with her bed. She really likes it, and she feels happy. She chose the color purple because she likes that color. We don't understand why, but we respect her decisions. She is a clever girl, but she has a strong character. I am praying to the Lord for her. She continues to attend her music classes at the national music conservatory. 

Pastor Ron, Happy Anniversary! Greetings to everyone, and especially to your family. 

I will write to you again soon!