Thursday, February 3, 2022

Care Packages 2022


Well, we have been dealing with COVID for much longer than we thought we would be.  We have been locked down, and recently over the holiday break, we were restricted once again in our ability to do things. Tough times.   Which calls for love and kindness.  

Sooooo,  once again, this January I decided it would be good to bless the children, youth, and young adults in our church with care packages.  NORMALLY we would be having our youth group prepare them for the University of Ottawa students, but this year it seemed right to bless our church one more time with them instead.  

So the few pics below are just what I did to bless our church.  THANK YOU to all who donated funds when asked to support this endeavor.  Here is the fruit of that donation : ) 

Here is what went into the boxes this time around : ) 

This time around we packed 125 boxes.  

The goodies waiting for their new home

Boxes taped and ready to be filled.  

Set up and ready for my family to pack them.  

Divided up to make packing easier.  

Almost filled. 
The theme is always CHOCOLATE! : ) 

This card was included in each box.  

It took about 2 hours to fill them all. 
Thanks Fam Jam for all the help. 

Sealing them with love.  

A short video of what I did 125 times.  : ) 
Actually, 250 times as I had to first seal the bottom of the boxes. 

The end result.  

Again, thanks FAM JAM.  Awesome work.  : )