Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Annual Classis Fall Retreat at Circle Square Ranch - October 2019

This past October 18 - 20 we hosted yet another Classis Eastern Canada Youth Retreat at Circle Square Ranch in Arden, Ontario.  
In addition to our Classis, three churches from Classis Quinte also joined us. 
80+ people showed up and it was a great time. 

As usual, and thankfully, THE FIDGETS were once again with us.  They always bring laughter and originality to the weekend. 

They always start with a get to know you game or two, and usually with Rock, Paper, Scissors.  

The competition is pretty intense.  : ) 

Our finalists  : )  Way to go William.  

We also have praise and worship and this time it was a combined group from Dixon's Corners and Williamsburg CRC's.  

We even did actions to some songs.  : ) 

Our Speaker this year was Shawn from the Ottawa area. 
He spoke on the graffiti on our hearts and how that can affect us.  

After our opening evening session and FIDGET time, people were encouraged to sign up for Saturday afternoon activities. This year we were going to try some different things.  

Time to explain how the meal times work, from CSR staff. 
The staff here are awesome BTW. 

Snack time!

Hey John, 
How did registration go this year?  : ) 

After a snack, it's time for other games. 

Yes, the fish I caught was really this big!!!
I don't think she's buying it.  

Did you guess who you were?  

Yes, I'd be smiling too if I saw that girl with the post-it-note on her forehead.  : ) 

More games

And smaller group games happened as well.

Ah, yes, coffee is a necessity at these weekend retreats : ) 

After a peaceful evening of some sleep, it was time for breakfast, and of course, COFFEE!!! 

Good morning Kendra and Michelle. 

Dave is his usual chipper self.  : ) 

Groups formed in various places in the dining hall. 

These guys look wide awake.  : ) 

Presleigh (L) and Miranda (R) waking up.  

John, no cell phones or Ipads allowed.  
He never could follow the rules. 

The kitchen staff getting things ready. 
The food was good.  The staff was hard working. 

The calm before the breakfast storm.   : )

Time to partake. 

And just socialize. 

Time for the morning session. 

Again, THE FIDGETS get people mingling. 

And then they make us laugh.  

On the sidelines chillin.  

Praise and worship time again. 

With actions again.  Whoot! 

And Shawn shares simple, yet profound, truth with us.  

After our morning session, it was time to enjoy the beautiful day.  Thomas and friend soak up the heat of the sun off the concrete.  Kinda creepy if you ask me.  : ) 

They lined up in an orderly fashion as we waited for Joe to come out and explain the game to us.  

A new option this year was for those who didn't want to do the game, to come to the barn and brush the horses and just hang out. 

Proved to be popular with some.  

This year Joe created a sort of Amazing Race game for the group.  Different stations.  Here is an obstacle course.

And here's a video of how it's supposed to work.  :  )

Orogami.  : ) 

There was balance the cookie on your face : ) 

Pounding Nails into wood. 

Finding wood in the bushes, but not just any wood.  
Had to be a certain length and thickness.  

The high ropes aren't being used still. 
Woodpeckers weakened the structure and the cost to repair is pretty steep.  

Then there was shooting marshmallows through a homemade shooter.  

I see some people needed binoculars to see.  : ) 

You can do it Lewis.  

Just a posing for the picture.  

Joe also had a stop where you shoot potatoes out of a homemade cannon.  

The inspection of the cannon is paramount. 

And so it the right sized potato.  : ) 

A short clip of how it works. 

Ready, aim....

Was that fun Katrina? 

At another station was tea tasting.  

Yet another station required you to create a musical poem.  

Here's one team's rendition.  

Time to tally up the results.  

And then it was lunchtime. 

Chris, you didn't get enough sleep?  

The afternoon brought activities to partake in. 
Again, we tried to offer new things, but also stick with trusted ones, like THE FIDGETS training.  

John went for a walkabout to get some pics.  They are interspersed here.  

Just some good old fashioned fun.

Need to be careful of the horse poop though. : ) 

This year there was axe throwing. 

A cool picture of the axe in the air.  I don't think this one hit the mark.  : ) 

A better view of how it works. 

There was also slingshotting (is that a word?)  

And rope walking.
(yes I know it has a different word, but I don't know what that word is : ) ) 

John's pics.  

Another activity was to try to get a person across the field on this triangle, using only the ropes.   

There is a trick to it, and it took a bit for the groups to figure it out.  

Eventually, most did.  

Even some low stilt walking: ) 

More John Pictures. 

Here you had to move the objects in a certain order.  

It didn't make much sense to me, but Katrina seemed to figure it out.  

Oh, and for fun, there were these inflatable balls you can crawl into, and slam them against each other.  

Some chose a more creative way to use them.  : ) 

Here's a video of one such person.  

More John Pics.  

Some people are just crazy.  : ) 

They proved fun I guess  : ) 

Final John Picture.  
He always takes great pictures. 

Archery was another station. 

As was Archery Tag. 
Some like it. 

Some don't.  : ) 

More of the Fidget training. 
Megan, what exactly are you supposed to do with that basket?  I can only imagine. 

I see.
Hmmmmm  : ) 

Miranda too?  : ) 

Dave isn't sure what to think.  : ) 
The joys of improv.  

Horseback riding is always enjoyed as well.   

A highlight for Katrina.  

It looks like a nice horse. 

And a stubborn one too. : ) 

Everyone gets their horse. 

Places them in the line and awaits help to get on. 

LIne them up.  

Time to ride. 

And they are off.  

After activity time it was time for supper. 
Then evening time for Worship and THE FIDGETS. 

We were once again treated to a couple of hours of fun and shenanigans.  Here's a short clip of one sketch called "Change".  

After the show, time to sign posters. 

And relax.  

And play a few more games.  

This is interesting. 
How you doing William. ?  

No persons were hurt or injured during this game. 
Just an FYI. 

Another short sleep and time to rise and shine. 

William always enjoys coming out to the fall retreat. 

The game of Life?  

Breakfast time.  

Then the final Fidget time.  

And Shawn closed out his talk time. 
And a group picture. 
Well, trying to get a group picture. : ) 

And we ended with Brunch. 

That brings us to the end of our Fall Retreat. 
Another one in the books. 
Until next year, D.V.