Saturday, December 23, 2017

CIA/ETM Christmas Party 2017

This past week we closed out 2017 with our annual youth group Christmas Party. 

We gathered, first, in the youth room.  

I had the group start with the same get to know you questions we used at Calvin's Christmas Party. 
They got into it pretty good.  
Place was a buzzin.  

Then we took some time to see how well we knew the Christmas story. : )
Sort of a Christmas IQ test.  
It's amazing how we have come to remember the Christmas story in ways that actually aren't correct, based on the carols we sing. 
For example, the angels didn't SING, they SAID 
"Glory to God in the highest"  
How many wise men came to see Jesus?  
Look it up.  
You may be surprised.  :) 

I went upstairs to get a couple of things ready, and asked Scott to do a simple task.....
Have them get into four smaller groups and give themselves a group name. 
When I came back a couple of minutes later Scott had them doing some strange game to get them into groups. 
Not everything has to be a game Scott.  : )  

Then it was upstairs for some fun. 
Nice colour coordination : )   

Once again they did the "unwrap the gift with the oven mitts" game.   

And at least THEY didn't punch the boxes.  :)  

I spent two hours that morning wrapping and taping. 
I taped them EXTRA well this time.  : )  

But eventually the wrapping paper gave up it's fight.   

And the boxes gave up their gifts.  
Below is a short video of them unwrapping the boxes.  
I'm not so sure the BOYS group actually followed the rules.  : ) 

Unwrapping Gifts with Oven Mitts

Then it was on to Christmas Pictionary.

Some are good a drawing, and well, others.....
not so.  : ) Below is a short video of some drawers.  

Christmas Pictionary

Then we played a new game I found on FB. 
Each person gets a Candy Cane and places it in their mouth. 
They walk to the table and have to hook a candy cane onto theirs and return it to the group and then the next person can go.  

Nothing can be used but the candy cane.  
Seems that the two sisters, Ella and Samantha are a bit competitive.  : ) 

 Easy ladies. : )

If the candy cane falls to the floor it must be picked up and put on the table and you start again.  

Candy Cane Game #1

Slowly but surely...

The Table got barer  

and barer

Candy Cane Game #2

and barer 

 until there was only ONE left. 

And it became quite interesting as to who would get that last one.  See the video below as to who won.  :) 

The Final Candy Cane - What a Fight!
Who will succeed ?  : ) 

Loads of fun.  

We ended our games night with a Ginger Bread Making contest. 
I think Jeannine just wanted to make the thing herself. 
No team spirit there today.  : ) 

And Kyra went on to explain something to me with great passion, but I have no idea what it was about any more. : ) 
Sorry Kyra.  : )  

The different groups unpacked their boxes  

and realized they actually had a plastic foundation they could use to help hold the walls up.  

Not everyone decided to use that approach. : )  

Some did.   

Time to decide the game plan.  

Some didn't have a game plan.  :) 

Jeannine's group definitely had a game plan.  : ) 

Rachel's group decided to do a modern art version.  
Or more like a Jesus in the stable version.  

Taking shape.  

Not sure what shape this is supposed to be.  : )  

Rosy's group hard at work.   

That's a lot of candy on one side.  
How are you going to hold up all that weight.   

hmmmmmm  : )  

That's what they wanted their's to look like.  : )  

Hey Corbin. 
Quit blocking the view. : )  

TIME was called after 20 minutes.   
Rachel is quite pleased with her group. 
Ben and Scott Judged the homes based on several categories. 
What they were, I have no idea.  : ) 

The end result of Jesus in the manger. 
Not bad. 
Sure wish everyone would keep their eyes open for the pictures though.  : )  
AND, they didn't win  : ( 

Time for the BIG reveal.  
But it took... 

at least..... 

four tries..... 

To get everyone with their eyes open.....  : ) 
And there it is....a 100 year old Ginger Bread house that was discovered in the forest by this group.  
It has suffered some wear over the years as you can tell.  : ) 
And let's just say that this group....
didn't win. : ) 

Final touches.  

Looks pretty good, if only I can keep my fingers off the Iphone lens.  

Nicely done. 
 I think they came in Second.  

And then there's Jeanine's group.  
The most immaculate home in the group.  : )  
Below is a video of the winning group in action.  

The Winning Group in Action

There was even a write up to give context to what they had done.  
They got an A for that.  : ) 
Take a look at what they wrote and then the pic that follows it.   

Where did they get the minion?  
There are no minions in this ginger bread house. 
Oh yeah.....
The giant Kinder Surprise that was wrapped in the gift. 
If you look real close you can see the pic axe.  That's important for the last part of the story.    

And we continue.  

voila.  Gingerbread santa with green gumdrop eyes.   

The bed.  
Nicely done.   

Oh yeah. 
A close up of Jesus in the manger
ish.  : )  

And the second place home.  :)  

We ended our evening with food and drinks of a Christmas kind.   

The first place group received Tim's gift cards. 
The second place group received Christmas Crackers,   
which Katrina and Ella fearfully tried to pull apart.  

 Took a couple of tries, but they eventually did it. 

Another great evening and Christmas party completed. 
Thanks to all who came out and made the evening fun and eventful. 
As we finish school and move towards Dec 25th, may you know the greatest gift of all was given for you. 
A baby born and placed in a manger. 
The saviour of the World! 
May you have a blessed Christmas. 

See you again in 2018.