Friday, September 21, 2018

Calvin's Camping Weekend - August 10 - 12, 2018

Another Calvin Camping weekend in the books!
By that I don't mean I'm glad it's over.  
I'm glad we had the priviledge of having yet ANOTHER one.  : ) 

This year we went to Fitzroy P.P. near Arnprior. 
We (as in Joycegina, Katrina, Sarah, Ella and I) thought we would get there early to be the first ones. 
Turns out we weren't.  : ) 

Slowly others arrived and set up camp. 

As Louise set up her tent, I kept Samuel busy with connect 4.  

He's pretty good.  : )  

Joycegina took a crack at it too. 

The group sites at Fitzroy are fairly large. 
Lots of room to set up, yet not feel too close.  

Getting those poles set up is harder than it looks.  : ) 

Samuel's play tent.  

Hmmmm, that dip is pretty good it seems.  : ) 

Bill and Gwen's humble home.  : ) 

After we set up we spent some time at the beach.  

It just took a bit of time to get there.  : ) 

Crazy people.  : ) 

We went to Fitzroy many years ago as a Calvin group. 
I remember the beach being smaller.  

Supper time.  

We all sort of ate separately.  
Hi Evert, Annet and Margaret.  

Simple fair when you camp. 
Makes meals easier.  

Bea wouldn't tell me what she was making. 
Ancient family camping secret.  : ) 

Pat and Yvonne said, "Forget supper. Nap Time!"

Once again Andy and Diane were the guest at the Bill and Gwen Hilton.  : )
Bill just loves getting his picture taken. 
Right Bill ?  : ) 

Leo and Jannie arrived later in the day. 
As I watched them figure out where to put their trailer I noticed something they didn't quite get at first. 

Can you figure out what?  : ) 

What I like about weekends like this is the grass (pun intended) roots socializing that happens.  

Leo setting up the trailer while everyone else watches.  Where have I seen that before....hmmmm
At least Leo moved the trailer so they could get in better access to their door  : ) 

More socializing. 

Brother and sister game time.  

Time for dishes after supper. 
Jonathan still needing to empty his glass.  : ) 

The kids also socialized together well.  

Who's gonna win? 

Games galore.  : ) 

And two chairs, 
who's occupants just can't wait for the campfire to start.  : )

Bill is once again our pyromaniac.  : ) 
However, it seems starting fires the old fashioned way is not his style. 
Oh, and yes, that my finger.  

Good thing the kids weren't around to see you start this fire Bill.  
They would be appalled.  : )

Marshmallow time.  

People slowly gather around the fire. 

Bill makes sure we have a well stoked fire.  

After a quiet night (like really raccoons, bears, ...nothin') time to have a coffee and relax.  

The breakfast of champions.  
Yes Bill, I'm taking your picture. : ) 

The breakfast of breakfasts.  


Bill and Jannie.  

Sorry Evert.  
Didn't mean to disturb your play time.  : )

Quiet reading time.  

And family bonding time.  

More family bonding time.  

Our neighbours. 
They were loud at times.  : ) 

Beach time. 
After all the getting ready is done that is.  : )
Took a while.  

We spread out on a couple of different places on the beach. 
Harold and Jonathan taking in the nice summer air.  

I was challenged to a game of Cribbage by Hannah and Thomas. 

Who's finger is that? 

Too late.  Already got your faces.  : ) 

I didn't win.  
I never win against Thomas.  : ( 

Spent some time teaching Diane how to play horseshoes.  
My way.  : ) 

Was lots of fun.  

That was ME. 
That was ME.  : )

More grass roots socializing.  

Sprung up everywhere.  : ) 

Any for me! ? : ) 

Ping Pong?  
Without the table?  

Supper time. 
With BILL.  Whoot.  : ) 

Always love having Andy and Diane along.  : ) 

Time with the Grandchildren is always fun too.  

Our shelter became a game haven for a while.  

Nice to see how people interacted over the weekend.  

Yvonne then challenged me to a game of horseshoes.  

She was pretty good.  

We even had spectators. 

Others tried the game out too.  

Campfire time before we knew it.  

Bill brought out his master marshmallow maker again. 
A hit with the kids.  

We grew over the Saturday. 

Sure the fire's big enough Bill ?  

Andy,  what is that glow around you? 
Very interesting. 

Nice pic of the fire. 

Sunday morning.  
Good morning everyone.  

Bill making waffles. 

Beautiful presentation.  

hmmmm, got enough whipped cream there Diane ? 

We were invited over for breakfast too.  : ) 

I love community.  : ) 

Bill's still smilin.  

More and more people. 
(They were very good waffles.)  

Sunday morning church.  

Coffee time afterwards. 
Here are the impatient ones who really needed that coffee.  

Our fellowship hall. : )

Coffee is ready.  

Hey Diane!
We don't usually have ice cream bars after church. 
New tradition?  

Another camping weekend in the books. 
Was great weather. 
Great fellowship!
Great fun!

Until next year. 
Hope you can join us.