Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Volunteering Once Again at the Ottawa Food Bank

On Tuesday, January 31st, our youth group travelled once again to the Ottawa Food Bank to sort food after the Christmas donations had come in.  

We try to do this annually. Our group changes slightly each year, but the goal is the same. To sort and pack lots of food.  

A list of all the smaller food banks that are fed by the Ottawa Food Bank.  There are a lot. 

Our host (forget his name) giving us the nickle tour.  : ) 

Showing us where things need to go.  

Showing us the sorting area.  

This is only a fraction of the food that came in over the Christmas holidays.  A very good year apparently.  

I love the new system they have in place now. 
These bins make it so much easier.  

Let the sorting begin. 

Rhys, what is it?  : ) 

A small group also created the boxes to put the sorted food in.   

Peter came along to help too. 
Such a nice guy.  : ) 
He took his job VERY seriously.   

Hey Sarah. Nice face.  

Zoe and Nicolette hard at work.  
Everyone has fun and works hard when we do this.   

Corbin, hope your hand writing is better than mine.   

Everyone hard at work.  

Rosy inspecting all the food.   

Organized Chaos.   

Gets better as we do it more.  

Kyra and Katrina stacking the boxes.   

Ryan working hard.  

Kyle looking, well, like Kyle. : ) 

A well oiled machine.  

Decisions, decisions.   

Rosy found something she likes.  

Nicolette is having fun.  
I hope Riley is too.  : )  

Awe, cute picture of Janika and Shauna.  
Now get back to work!

These three were tasked with sorting A LOT of pepper.  

Ben, supervising or working.  I can't tell. 

A lot of pepper.  : ) 

Once boxed they go on these pallets.  

Ella is having fun. 

Rhys and Thomas enjoying the unloading of food from the bins 

I'm surprised more people don't get in each other's way.  : )  

That's a lot of kraft dinner.   

Not a lot of space to work in, but they managed ok.  

Lucy, what are you trying to correct Peter on this time?  

I like the mixture of adults and youth as we do this.   

We are DONE! 

Time for some interesting poses.  

Hey.  Look at the camera

That's better.  

Final packing  

The palets are filling up.  

Oopps, sorry about that Corbin. 

Nice wave.  : ) 

They found these figures as they were emptying the bins. 
All sorts of things are found.   

Interesting find.  
The package, not Lucy.  BAHAHAHAH 

Me strong man!  
Me collapse Crate!

Wow we did a lot of work tonight. 


Lots of boxes filled and ready to go to food banks across Ottawa.  

 Time to wash up. 
You look like a surgeon there Rachel.  : )

A nice shot.  

Group Shot. 
Thanks to all of you who came out and helped out. 
The Ottawa Food Bank thanks you too. 
Until next year D.V.