Thursday, March 30, 2023

Two Calvin Community Events - 1. Caldwell Lunch Prep. 2. Youth Group and Games Night @ 220 Viewmount


This past week we had two different groups serve our community in completely different ways, but with the same goal:  

To bless to be a blessing.  

The first event was for some of Calvin to take a Saturday morning and prepare 200 sandwiches that would be served to the residents who stopped by the Caldwell Chaplaincy that lunch hour. 

The second event was our youth group going once again to 220 Viewmount to play games with some of the residents there and fellowship over food as well. 

Below are some pics and explanations about both.  

Enjoy !! : ) 

Lunch Prep. for Caldwell

Pastor Ron purchased the lunch supplies. 

Lots of Clementines and luncheon meats.

100 Yogurts

Lots of loaves of bread for the 200 sandwiches. 

And Juice boxes and lettuce. 

On Saturday 6 of us gathered to prepare the 200 sandwiches for the 100 Lunch bags. 

Here's Julie getting the lettuce washed. 

Each bag would contain:

1 Juice Box

1 Yogurt

2 sandwiches

1 Clemantine

Here's Nellie and Wilma and Al starting on the sandwich prep.  

Well, Al is looking like he's working : ) 

What a card Al can be :) 

All of us now preparing the sandwiches. 

Ray, Julie, Al, Wilma, Nellie and me. 

Yes, I did it too :) 

They were then transported to the Caldwell Chaplaincy and put together and handed out.  No pics for that.  Sorry.  

Blessed to be a blessing! 

Games @ 220 Viewmount

At least once a year we go to 220 Viewmount and play games with the residents there. 

COVID prevented that for the past couple of years, but this past Tuesday we were able to go back.  


Here's the group settled in and having FUN!  

We played Chinese Checkers



And let me tell you THIS was a lively game for sure : ) 

Lots of quips and laughter from young and older : ) 

Apples to Apples was enjoyed. 

as was Mexican Train. 

I missed the scrabble game that was also going on. 


All I know is Grant got stuck with Q and Z and, well, it wasn't pretty : ) 

And I played some Euchre with Miranda as my partner.  We lost 10 - 0 BUT we have fun!! 

Everyone who came out LOVED it and they want us to come back again soon : ) 


Blessed to be a blessing. 

Thanks youth for investing in our more mature folk.  

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