Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Potluck and games time after church - March 2023

 Hi all, 

Just a short entry describing our latest church potluck and games time. 

A smaller crowd, but those in attendance enjoyed themselves.  : ) 

After church we get everyone settled into their places.  

And then we eat!  
There's always enough food, which amazes me actually : ) 

It seems that some people were a bit bored after eating. 

Theo decided to see how many cans he could balance. 

Not bad.  

And Holden wasn't about to let that go unchallenged. 

He did a masterful job.  

I think he beat Theo's height.  

Then it was time for games.   
Mexican train?? 

And anomia??? or whatever it's called  : ) 

And a game I've never heard of.  

And those who would rather just chat it up. 
Perfectly ok as well.  

All in all it was a great time of gaming and fellowship.  Thanks to all who came out.  

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