Thursday, March 16, 2023

2023 Spring Break Learning Opportunity - Calvin/Calvary - Plymouth North Carolina - Day 6 - Thursday


Day 6. 


On the home stretch.   

I'm a bit tired so if I miss a name or have bad grammar, oh well : ) 

Once again we begin the morning with Sam and Ryne. 

Breakfast is already well underway. 

And our lunch spread is ready for us to partake of as well.  We make our lunches each day to take with. 

Good morning Tia.  : )

Good morning Pastor Craig.  

Morning Devotions with Pastor Craig. 

Breakfast is served.  

Denise is ready to go in body, but we are all pretty tired : ) 

We got a bit of a later start today. 
We slept in 30 minutes longer. Whoot. 

We arrived for yet another day of roofing and drywalling. 

Our tree that fills with lunch bags and backpacks each morning.  

The roofers got right to it.  
We were hopeful that we would finish the roof today. 

And our drywallers got ready to drywall. 
Sam is hard at work measuring.  

We were also going to demo the living room of Brenda (the home owner).  

Ryne and Andrew measured and put up drywall. 

We packed up Brenda's living space valuables before we got down to demoing.  

The roofers just keep at it. 

And the drywallers keep measuring and putting it up.  

And so the Demo begins.  

I took the morning to mud the drywall we had done yesterday while Ryne and Andrew kept putting pieces up.  

A good crew taking the old drywall down.  

More roofing pics. 

Mitchell is enjoying this roofing work, even if it's hard on the back.  

We had a few issues to fix as we went along on the roofing, but things worked out.  

Mattheus has worked hard all week. 
He really enjoys the roofing and the comradery of the group.  : ) 

Demo continues. 

Nate just keeps at it.  

The mudding slowly progresses.  

Lisa surveyed the bare walls.  

And the roofing continues : ) 

John and Craig and Dave did a great job of teaching everyone how to roof properly.   

Off with the ceiling.  

This will be a modern art pic one day. : )  

And the roofing continues. 

Sam rather enjoyed roofing today. 

All the debris from the room.   
Pretty dusty.  

Our 4th trailer of stuff.  

And the roofing continues : ) 

Lunch Time! 
The sun was nice today.  

Mattheus enjoying a mango for lunch. 
You need to ask him about mango's when you see him next time.  There's a great story behind it.  

Tia relaxing after a morning of hard work.  

And back to work!!  

The roof is almost done. 

Jason really did a great job on the roof this week as well.  I don't think he wants to do it for a living, but he seemed to take to it very well.  

Cadie (and Megan is somewhere) helped all day making sure shingles were ready for the shinglers.  

The living room is ready for insulation and drywall tomorrow.  

The ceiling going up in the bedroom we were working on. 

The roof is 98 % done now.  Just come cap shingles tomorrow and we should be good to go.   

An awesome job by our crew and the Islamic Relief USA crew. 

Sam wanted me to catch him doing a jig.  

And Dave wanted to scare him just a wee bit. 
Mission accomplished.  

The end result.  
Brenda will have a dry home for years to come now. 
I met her today.  
She is very thankful for the work we are doing to her home.  

Tomorrow we will continue with drywalling and mudding the inside of the home for 1/2 the day and then we are off to see Kitty Hawk and the ocean for the rest of the day.  

After we finished for the day we went to the school to share a meal with the Islamic Relief USA team.  

It was a time of lively conversation and it was good to see relationships form and people discussing things and learning things from different backgrounds.   

We arrived home and took showers and are chillin now.  

We are up at 7 a.m. once again.  

Final day before heading home.   

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