Tuesday, March 14, 2023

2023 Spring Break Learning Opportunity Calvin/Calvary - Plymouth, North Carolina - Day 4 Tuesday


Day 4


A new day! 

BUT!! Before we can begin the new day I need to make a couple of corrections. 

1. Katie is actually spelled Cadie, which is short for Cadence.  I found out her middle name is Mary Grace, which are her grandmother's names.  Sweet.  

2.  Megan wanted to make sure it was noted that it was she who took the picture of me actually working, because, well, I didn't work THAAAAATTT much according to her. :  ) 

3.  The school that we worked at yesterday is actually going to be the new headquarters for Carolina Rebuilding Ministries.  Cool. 

Now that that's all settled we can get going on Tuesday. 

First up once again were Ryne and Sam. 

But, Jennifer and Cathy were up way before us making a great breakfast for us. 

Good Morning Tia!!! : ) 
Once she has her coffee, well, that smile seems to be brighter : ) 

Pastor Craig lead us in morning devotions. 
He had a captive audience in Dave : ). 

Then it was breakfast time. 

Mattheus and Mitchell did the morning dishes. 

This is Pastor Vickie of the church here. 
She's wearing a "Sermonator" shirt and holding some mouse traps and dressed in cowboy boots. 

Some context to that pic is that we have church mice here, and they have gotten into our food stores. 
Pastor Vickie came to our rescue and put out traps to trap them.  Above and beyond the call.  

We arrived at the CRM shop and loaded up the truck with lots of shingles. 

We moved stuff out of the way so we could load them up.  

Pastor Craig and Ryne stepped up.  

But then I think he figured, nope...not good for my back.  I'll let the others do the heavy lifting.  I don't blame him : ). 

It took a bit.  

But eventually, we were loaded and off to the small town of Windsor.  

Nice Roanoke river.  

Our destination.  

Parking on the other side of the street seems to be ok here : ) 

We gathered and waited for the trailer to back up. 

Then unloaded the trailer so we can use it to put the old roof shingles up.  

oh, I guess Pastor Craig decided he was ok moving bundles after all.  

It took a bit, but we/they got it done : ) 

We had to wait for ladders to show up, so John checked out the condition of the roof removal. 
He was pleased. 
Which meant I was pleased: ) 

And so we began. 
A crew taking the shingles off this roof.  

What follows are pics of the roofing, but not too much commenting.  

We put tarps around the house to capture the shingles and some of us spent the day dumping them into the trailer.  

Ryne decided to make a paper airplane out of the old underlay. 

The finished product, which he ended up hitting me with.  But I survived.   : ) 

John carefully worked around the hydro connection. 

Pastor Craig's photos from the roof.  

Pastor Craig found a little friend. 

Lunchtime for Megan and Cadie. 
They worked hard.  

They didn't like the picture I took of them so I took some more of them.  


I never said I wouldn't include them in the blog though. 

Me calling for a lunch break.  

And yes, Megan wants credit for this picture.  

We had the "Islamic Relief USA" join us for part of the day as well.  
They were doing promo shots and using a drone to get rooftop shots.  

Group lunchtime.  

A well-deserved rest.  
Oh, and Megan started another game of I Spy. 
But at least she was honest with me, unlike me being honest with her as to where the colour was located.  

And where two are three are gathered together in this group, some sort of game will bubble up.  

After lunch we carried on putting the shingles into the trailer.  It was hard work, and the kids, though they worked hard, were getting tired.  

But they persevered.  

A group shot with our team and the IR USA group.  We finished stripping the shingles in one day.  
Awesome work.  

In addition to the roof, there was one room in the home of the lady we were serving that needed the drywall removed and replaced.  

Tia and Sam worked hard all afternoon taking the drywall down with a member of the IR USA team. 

It has been good getting to know this Muslim team and relationships seems to be budding.  

We finished early today and headed back to the church.  
Showers were taken and then some went out for a walk.     

Eventually, it was supper time. 

I figured I'd put a food picture in for those of you who wondered where they all went.  

The table of 11.  

After Supper Craig, Ryne, and Cadie were kind enough to do the dishes.  

We ended our night with our questions of yesterday. 
Good sharing and we are seeing growth and great memories happening.  

Time for rest and relaxation. 

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Bea and Harold Vandermeer said...

Good, hard work everyone! May God bless you with fun and safety, as you bless others!
Bea and Harold Vandermeer